Examples Of Dental AdWords Costs

The costs of Google AdWords varies for dentists throughout the country.  A dentist in Sanford, Maine will pay much less per click for searches like ‘dentist near me’ or ‘local dental practice’ than a dentist in NYC.  However, the dentist in NYC will have the opportunity to get a lot more Google ad clicks and new patients.

It is impossible to say exactly how much an average dental ad click costs but this page should help dentists understand how much AdWords clicks typically cost.  Smart dentists work to reduce the cost of ad clicks with better, more relevant ad copy and smart dental keyword selection.

Let’s look at some examples of AdWords keyword costs per click for different dental keywords from throughout the USA.  The data provided below is from the Google AdWords Planner.  All dental practices signed up for Google AdWords are able to to the Google AdWords Planner free of charge.

Dental AdWords Cost Example In Portland Oregon

First, let’s look at Dentists using AdWords in Portland Oregon.

As you can see in the graphic below, the Google search from “dentist near me” in Portland, Oregon attracts 5,400 monthly searches with the ‘top of page’ low range of $5.97 and high range of $13.87.

In the graphic below, you will see the Google search term ’emergency dental clinic near me’ attracts far fewer searches in Portland, OR but the Google ad clicks are much more expensive.  “Emergency Dental Clinic Near Me” only attracts 20 searches but the cost is as high as $30.84 per click.  The high price tag is usually a good indication that smart dental AdWords managers have figured out this keyword phrase is likely to convert into new, profitable dental patients.

Dental Emergency Click AdWords