In this article, we take a quick look at what dental SEO tactics are working for the search term “Emergency Dentist Near Me” in the Detroit area.

Before we look at what is working with SEO for the term “Emergency Dentist Near Me”. Let’s take a look at what is working for the same search phrase when it comes to Google Ads.

Learn SEO From Google Ads

You might notice a trend. Each of the Google Ads above includes a headline that starts with either “Emergency Dentist” or “Emergency Dental”. That’s not an accident.

The ad writers very deliberately make sure the keyword is a prominent part of the ad. When you include a keyword in the headline, Google is nice enough to highlight the search term in blue making it very clickable.

Our lizard brain looks for a match for what we just searched for without much thought. If we find a match, we click.

Organic Titles & SEO

With that in mind, now let’s look at SEO tactics that dental practices are using to get found for the search term “emergency dentist near me” in Detroit, MI.

First, let’s look at the top 6 organic terms and what their headlines are in Google.

Find an Emergency Dentist 24/7 in Detroit, MI

Emergency Dentists Near Detroit – 1-800-Dentist

Emergency Dental of Detroit: Emergency Dental Urgent Care

Emergency Dentist in Detroit – Gentle Dental of Michigan

Top 10 Best Emergency Dentist in Detroit, MI – Last Updated …

Detroit MI Emergency Dentists – Find a 24 Hr Dentist

Notice a trend? Every single listing headline (title) includes the terms “emergency dentist” or “emergency dental” + each one includes a reference to Detroit.

The headline is generated most often from the page title included on the dental practice website.

For example, if you look up at your browser tab for this page, you will see “Emergency Dentist SEO Tactics That Work” if you hover your cursor on the tab itself.

However, sometimes Google will decide what your headline will be. Learn more directly from Google here… Create Good Titles And Snippets In Google Search Results

On Page SEO

Now, let’s look at how many times each site uses the term emergency on their website. We will assume the keyword “dentist” and “Detroit” is already on the dental practice website.

Dental Practice Web PageKeyword MentionResult #

Loading the web page with the right keyword is an on-page SEO tactic. Just be careful, your dental SEO expert could overdo it if they are not careful.

The 3 listings with the most instances of the keyword phrase are all directories so the context makes more sense that there is a high number of mentions of the keyword.

A typical dental practice website would be unlikely to have an excuse to have 53 mentions without the page looking really dumb and being a turn off to most visitors. With that said, don’t be afraid to sprinkle in important keywords to improve your dental SEO.

Sadly the big takeaway from this quick look at what is working for dental SEO in Detroit is that normal, independent dental practices are not getting found in the first 6 listings.

Instead, the Google search engine results page (SERP) is overrun with national outfits and a practice that specializes in dental emergencies. However, the independent practices that trail behind have fewer instances of the keyword so they should look at improving their content and adding more mentions of the keyword phrase to improve their dental SEO.

Usage of Maps for Dental SEO

Only two of the top 6 organic dental listings in Google use embedded maps to help the Google search engine understand where they are located. “Emergency Dental of Detroit” and Yelp both include a map. Interestingly, “Emergency Dental of Detroit” is actually located in Warren which is apparently Detroit’s largest suburb.

Pro Tip – We routinely see Yelp winning the top listing for many dental keywords. If you are not optimizing, your Yelp listing for important dental keywords you are making a mistake. EXAMPLE – If a dentist had encouraged reviewers to use the word “Emergency” in their review, that review likely would have shown up on the Yelp page. As you can see below, Yelp actually didn’t have any listings related to the keyword “emergency dentist”. That could be a great opportunity for a local Detroit dentist.

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