Does embedding a Google map on your dental practice website help with dental SEO. Many dental SEO experts tell will you that you should embed a Google map on your website. We agree.

There are a number of reason why embedding a map will help with dental SEO.

  1. A Google map provides a clear clue to Google as to where exactly your dental practice is located which helps dental SEO.
  2. An embedded Google map is rich content that tells Google you have a modern website.
  3. A map tells Google you not hiding your location from your website visitors but instead proudly claiming your physical location.
  4. A map helps your visitors understand where your dental practice is located. Google likes when you help your website visitors.
  5. An embedded Google map helps validate the location listed on your Google My Business map listing.

Of course, as we discuss often in this blog, there are hundreds of things that can affect dental search engine optimization. No one thing will put you on the front page of Google search results and no one thing will keep you off the front page.

With that said, we wanted to take a look at one competitive city, Houston, and see the impact embedded maps might play with dental search engine optimization.

You can see the results below.

Dentist Web PageEmbedded Map

So, the biggest take away from this very small, unscientific study is not that 3 of the top Google results include embedded maps but instead that 6 out of the top ten Google results for the search term Houston Dentist did not include embedded maps on the dental practice websites.

There are many reasons those 6 first page of Google results might have authority in Google’s eyes and did not need embedded maps on their webpages.

One explanation is they might have embedded maps on their contact page and just did not embed the map on their main page.

We still recommend dentists add embedded maps on their main page but clearly it is not absolutely critical. However, it could be the one thing that gives you the end with dental search engine optimization and gets you from page 2 to page 1 if all else were equaly.

The one thing we recommend against which we did see is a simple screenshot of a map. If you are going to use a map image it might as well be a real map so Google can get a strong hint of where your dental practice is really located. That is unless you have multiple locations and you actually want to make it a little less clear to Google as to where your true location is.

The other big takeaway is 3 out of the top 4 Google results include an embedded map. Your goal should not just be the first page of Google but instead.

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