[With the emergence of Facebook ads, does Google AdWords for dentists still work in 2019? The answer is YES and Google ads might actually be working better than they have in many years. Learn strategies to grow your practice with Google AdWords for Dentists in this article…]

Why Google AdWords For Dentists Will Probably Always Work

Always is a long time but you should expect running dentist Google ads will work for a very, very long time.

Let’s look at Facebook ads for dentists. Facebook is a great platform for educating patients and promoting procedures. Facebook allows you to find specific audiences and let them know your dental practice exists. With Facebook, you can educate patients about dental procedures and let them know how you can help them look or feel better. That’s fantastic and smart dentists should be using Facebook Ads to some extent.

However, there are still relatively few people who go to Facebook to search for dental practices or specific dental procedures. Some people might ask Facebook friends for recommendations but in those cases, the dental practices are not able to provide their unique selling proposition (USP).

Instead, Google is still the “go to” place when someone wants to find a new dentist or wants help with a specific dental problem. Google truly is the new phone book and will be for a long, long time. When a prospective dental patient decides they need help with a dental procedure, they immediately jump on Google and type in keywords to find a solution to their problem. For some interesting examples of what people type into Google related to dentists check out this list… dental keywords for Adwords

Why Google AdWords For Dentists Is Better Than Ever – More Prominent Ads

Believe it or not, the cost per click of Google ads is actually going down. Maybe not for dental Google ads and maybe not for Google ads in your area but overall Google is seeing a decline in the cost per Google ad click. “The cost per click (CPC) declined 29%, slightly more than the third quarter of 2018.” – MediaPost.com

Yet, this year even with pay per click prices declining, Google’s paid-click growth rose to more than 66% year-over-year. What’s up with that? Simple. Google is making search ads more clickable and more prominent so although individual ad click prices might be declining overall volume is increasing.

In the past, some folks had gone “ad blind” and trained themselves to only focus on organic searches and ignore Google ads. These days Google is making ads much more prominent. Above, is a screenshot of a real search on a Google Pixel XL phone. As you can see all of the phone’s real estate is taken up by dentist ads. That’s pretty hard to ignore if you are someone looking for a new dentist. In fact, the first three listings are Google ads so even as you scroll down you see yet another Google ad.

Google AdWords For Dentists Is Better Because Google Ads Are Bigger

With new expanded search ads, Google ads are getting bigger. According to iProspect, “Both Text Ad descriptions can now have up to 90 characters each. Previously, advertisers only had one description line (80 characters); this new update doubles the previous description space plus adds an additional 10 characters per description. So, what does this all mean? You now have a 93% increase in character count (from 140 to 270)!”

Bigger ads are a big deal for dental advertisers! Bigger Google ads are more clickable and help dentists deliver more effective marketing messages. Imagine back in the day if you could get a bigger newspaper ad, bigger phonebook ad or longer TV ad at the same price. Well, that is pretty much what is going on here. But the difference is you may be paying less for your larger dentist Google ad than the dentist with the tiny Google ads. You just have to do it right! Take a look at the Google ad above from Aspen Dental that has a whopping 13 lines!

PRO TIP: By leveraging Google extensions, Google advertisers can make Google ads even bigger.

Google AdWords For Dentists Is Better Because Of Better Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

Google ads have always been a pretty effective way of getting keyword clicks. The problem is many dentists have sent valuable AdWords traffic to pages that are not effective at converting the ‘ad clicker’ into an actual patient. In fact, many dentists have sent traffic to crappy web pages or phones that are not answered. That has to stop if you want to be successful with AdWords for dentists.

These days dental website designers have become much savvier at creating relevant landing pages that actually motivate folks to fill out a form or actually make a call to the dental practice. In the world of dental Google ads, conversions are king.

Conversion rates will climb even more as online dental appointment scheduling like LocalMed becomes more commonplace. Something like LocalMed allows a prospective dental patient to go from Google Ad click to a new dental patient appointment in less than 3 minutes. (To learn more about LocalMed and dental appointment scheduling check out this article LocalMed Online Scheduling.

If your dental practice can convert Google ads to new customers at a high rate, you probably always be a good candidate for Google Ads!

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