What is duplicate content? 

Duplicate content is unoriginal content that already exists on at least one other website.

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Dentists Don’t Create Dental Websites

Most dentists have little to do with the content that is placed on their website.  Instead, dental procedure pages and blog posts are the responsibility of internal staff, web designers, or 3rd party dental marketing companies.  Unfortunately, many times the content is not actually created but instead copied from other dental websites.

Why is dental content copied? 

Most dental practices are talking about the same stuff and trying to appeal to dental patients in similar ways.  No matter if a dental practice is in New York City or Houston, Texas the dental website probably has content about dental implants, teeth whitening and dental crowns.

Rather than re-creating the wheel, a well-intentioned employee might copy and paste a paragraph from another dental website to save some time.  A web designer might use the same cookie cutter content (they created) for every dental website they design.  A 3rd party dental marketing company might unscrupulously plagiarize from other dental websites they think are successful.

Why Is Duplicate Dental Content A Bad Thing?

Google gives the most credit to the first website that publishes particular content.  If subsequent websites publish the same content those websites won’t get credit for having original content and might even get penalized if Google sees most of the website’s content is plagiarized.

Think of this from Google’s perspective, they want to give searchers fresh original content whenever possible so the searchers have a good experience.  If websites could just copy great content to get good Google results, there would be hundreds of the same pages with the exact same content crowding the first pages of Google results.

How Can A Dental Practice Determine If They Have Duplicate Content?

It is easy to check to see if your website content also exists on other dental websites.  In fact, at Copyscape.com, you simply enter your your domain and Copyscape will scour the web to see if other copies of your dental content also exists on other websites.

How To Deal With Duplicate Content On Your Dental Website

Did someone steal your website content?

Notify And Report

If you know this to be fact, you should approach the owner of the other website and let them know you are aware they have plagiarized from your website.  That might be enough that they willl do the right thing and remove the dupe.  If not, you should let the website owner know you plan to report them to Google.

Create More Original Content 

Some of your content might be on websites that are not being actively managed.  In that case, it will be a long time before the duplicate content is removed from the internet.  Your best bet might be to just create new content to dilute the copied content.

Has Your Dental Website Borrowed Content From Other Websites? 

Identify the guilty content and simply delete some content and add to it so it becomes your own content.  Most dental content is pretty thin so go ahead and embellish and change what is already there so it becomes content that is unique to your website. It is ok if the skeleton of the content is similar just use your own words to make it your own.

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