Dentist Bing Ads

If your dental practice only runs ads on Bing, you might go out of business if you are in a tough market.  But, that does not mean you should avoid the Bing search engine.  You need test Bing and see how Bing works in your market.

Bing Is Growing!

Nearly, 10 years ago, Microsoft introduced Bing with world-class firepower.  At the time, it was almost impossible to avoid the Bing marketing campaign.  Since then the search engine has grown steadily.  Although, Bing is not a real threat to Google plenty of people use the search engine. Many of those people might be your perfect patient.  A 2016 report from comScore US Desktop Search Engine Rankings indicated 21.4% of desktop searches are done with the bing search engine. That’s a nice increase from a similar report in 2011 that indicated Bing was 12% of the desktop search engine market. 

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Your Perfect Patient on Bing Ads?

Bing Ads makes a lot of claims your dental practice might want to take seriously.  Among other fun facts, Microsoft Bing claims they have 141 million unique searchers and 5 billion overall searches monthly on the search engine.  Here’s some great news for Dentists.  Bing claims only 11% of Bing searches are from 18-24 year olds.  Meanwhile, 20% of Bing Ad searches are from 45-54 year olds?   Your dental practice is likely to find much more profitable patient from 45 year old than a 19-year-old right?  You can learn more about The Bing Network audience here. 

Your Biggest Competitor is not on Bing Ads?

There are a couple of reasons competitor dentists might not be on Bing Ads.   Dentists doing Google AdWords themselves are already overwhelmed with managing and monitoring one ad platform.   Those dentists also might believe they don’t have enough money for Google AdWords so it doesn’t make sense to reduce their AdWords budget to spend money on Microsoft Bing.   Dentists who rely on Dentist AdWords management companies might also not be getting any help with Bing.   Managing Bing Ads for dentists is a bunch more work that many AdWords companies.  Those companies don’t want to get involved with Bing because they can get OK results for dentists simply using Google AdWords.  Those pay per click companies also often don’t have any experience with Bing Ads and are afraid to fail.  For these reasons,  Bing Ads is very underused and a lot less competitive than AdWords for dentists.  (You can learn some AdWords Basics here…   AdWords Basics For Dentists Who Can’t Spell PPC )

Why not use Bing Ads?

So, your perfect dental patient might be doing a search for “dentist, near me” on right now.  Plus, competitive dentists are likely to not be advertising on Bing ads.   That means there is an opportunity to find a great dental patient Bing and you are not even at the party.

The Bad News / Good News Dentist Ads on Bing Ads Mobile Search

So, here’s the bad news.  Mobile search is much tougher for Bing Ads.  Right now, most mobile phones in the US are Apple iPhones and Androids from Google.   Androids default to Google as a search engine and so do Apple iPhone.  In fact, the iPhone market is so important to Google they reportedly paid Apple $3 Billion in 2017 to remain as the default search engine on Apple devices.  Google is paying Apple billions per year to remain on the iPhone  However, we all know technology moves fast and nothing stays the same for long.  Next time you look up Microsoft could have the hot new phone (it could happen!) or Microsoft could decide to pay Apple $5 Billion to be the default search.  A couple things are for sure.  Google Adwords is getting more crowded for dentists  Google Adwords is getting more competitive for dentists.  If your dental practice is smart you should but a couple chips down on Bing ads – Microsoft is not going anywhere and Bing Ads can bring you some new dental patients now and in the future.

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