(Dentists should give access but never full control to Dental PPC Managers)

Dental Marketing Company Scammers 

Here’s a shocker, there are some dental marketing companies looking to make a quick buck!  Crazy right? Yup, it is true there are some dental marketing companies that are not looking out for the best interests of the dental practices they are supposed to be helping.  Dental SEO companies are probably the most sketchy of the bunch as anyone can call themselves a dental SEO expert. These guys will take big money from a dental practice for as long as they can and then just move on to the next dental practice after they’ve gotten no (or little) results or done some big damage to the reputation of the dental practice.

Dental AdWords Companies (Trust But Verify) 

Dental AdWords management companies are typically more trustworthy as AdWords management requires a great deal of knowledge, experience, and expertise that can be verified with AdWords certifications.  However, be warned there are some dental AdWords experts who are ‘bad apples’ and simply want to take your money.   You should never sign up with a new AdWords management company for more than a month at a time.  The AdWords company should prove themselves to your dental practice month after month by showing real conversions they have been able to achieve.  Each month you should have a super clear understanding of the number clicks, the number of conversions, the amount of money paid to Google AdWords, and the exact search queries that triggered your dentist Google ads. If you don’t see results, you should be able to fire the AdWords agency at will.

Dentist Should Never Share Their Google AdWords Credentials 

If a so-called dental AdWords expert wants you to share your AdWords credentials you should 1) refuse to provide the credentials 2) refuse to do any business with that AdWords company.   Providing your credentials is equivalent to giving the agency full power and control over your AdWords account.

A Dentist AdWords Account Can Be Held Hostage 

Some unscrupulous AdWords companies have been known to hold AdWords accounts hostage if they get full control of an account.  Eventually, after going through red tape with Google corporate you will be able to wrangle back access to your AdWords account, but in the meantime, you will not have any control over your account other than shutting off your credit card.   One of the reasons shady AdWords companies want control of your AdWords account is they want to make it impossible for you to provide access to other AdWords agencies.
So, don’t give out your AdWords credentials? Got it?

Dentists Can Give AdWords Access Without Giving AdWords Control 

It is your Google AdWords account.  You get to decide who has access, what kind access they are allowed and how long they get the access.  As you can see from the table below there different levels of access you can grant. (from Google https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1704346?hl=en )   For instance, if an AdWords company is looking to do  a free audit and make suggestions for improvement, you might want to simply give them read-only access to your account.

How To Provide AdWords Management Access 

In your AdWords Account, look for the wrench icon on the top right. (see below) On the next menu, you should see Set Up to the right and Account Access as one of the options beneath.

Invitation To Manage Your AdWords Account 

A professional AdWords management company should have an AdWords manager account. With the AdWords manager account, the agency can simply email an invitation to request access to your AdWords account.

Easier To Fire Your Dentist AdWords Company 

The beautiful thing about simply granting AdWords access is you can remove access as simply as you granted it.  This means if your dental AdWords agency is not meeting your expectations, you can simply log in to AdWords and remove their access from your account at any time.

Remove AdWords Access…  Then Fire The Agency

If you think there is any chance it could “get ugly” after you fire your AdWords agency, you should remove access and then fire them.  Some disgruntled AdWords agencies have been known to remove all AdWords Campaigns & Ad Groups as a parting shot.  To avoid this kind of nonsense, remove their control over AdWords before you remove them.
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