Dental PPC Focus

ConversionSmiles is mostly focused on helping dental practices with dentist PPC management.  However,  we believe smart dentist AdWords management and dentist search engine optimization should work hand in hand.

Good PPC Management = Better Dentist SEO 

Here’s how good PPC management helps SEO efforts.   More organic clicks and a higher organic click-through rate tells Google that your website is worthy of better placement in Google search results.  Paying more money for paid clicks will never directly impact organic search but it will help indirectly.  As more dental patients find your website with paid search, they will inevitably come back for more visits with natural search.  Example: Sheila searches for dental implants in Google.  She finds one time.  Her browser now remembers that is a website she visited and favors that website in future searches.   One week later she searches for “dental implants” again.  She sees and clicks.  Later, she does another search for Acme and clicks.  Google sees these clicks as a sign of popularity and rewards with magical SEO points.  You can learn more how we think AdWords impacts SEO here…  Why Your Dentist AdWords Manager Should Know SEO  

More Time On Website = Better Dentist Seo  

Google has a magical formula that helps them decide if a webpage should get better or worse placement in their search results.  One of the things the magic formula (algorithms) considers is how long visitors stay on a website.  For instance, if Roger clicks on a search result and immediately clicks back to the search results page 3 seconds after viewing the webpage, Google gets a pretty good clue that the results did not satisfy Roger.   This would give the page a high Bounce Rate because roger bounced almost immediately. Google hates high Bounce Rates and punishes websites with high Bounce Rates.

Dentist Video = Better Bounce Rate 

One of the best ways to keep visitors on your website longer and reduce bounce rates is to have at least one video.   A two-minute video will likely hold most visitors attention for most of that time.  That means you can dramatically increase the length of ‘on page’ time by simply adding video.  Presto! More on page time, better bounce rate, better SEO.

How To Get A Dentist Video… 

Video production costs have gone way down in the last few years.   You can get a good quality dentist video for less than $1,000.  If you only have a few hundred dollars, you can probably still get a decent video made locally.  There are also websites like Fiverr where you can have videos made super cheap.  If you are really, really cheap, you can make a decent video for free with your iPhone and MacBook if you have the time and interest.  You might also want to consider shooting dental patient testimonials and stringing them together in one video.

In Conclusion… 

To sum up, if it makes sense to invest in dentist AdWords management, you should make sure you get the most value out of your Google AdWords spend by also improving your dentist search engine optimization at the same time.