New AdWords Experience

Lately, Dentist AdWords advertisers have been presented with a brand new interface.  Google is calling it a new AdWords experience.  This is the most dramatic change in many years and many dental practices might hate it until they get to know it.

Google Adds A Promotion Extension That Could Be Powerful For Your Dentist Account

Dentist AdWords accounts can be incredibly complex because dentist Google Ads are incredibly competitive.  With the new Google AdWords experience, Google has released a new AdWords extension called Promotion Extension.  The Promotion Extension could be a great way for a dentist to separate themselves from other dental practices with a special promotion that finds new dental patients.

Types of Dentist Promotion Extensions for AdWords

As you see below Dental Practices will be able to choose from a number of different Promotion Types including Monetary Discounts, Percent Discount, Up To Monetary Discount, & Up To Percent Discount

Obviously, a  promotion extension might not work for all dental procedures.  However, we recommend dental practices take a close a look at how promotion extensions could work for more straightforward dental procedures like dental xrays, teeth cleanings etc.

Promotion Requirements Dentist Can Use in AdWords

As you can see below, a dental practice can set requirements for their promotion extension.  For instance, want to require a promo code? You can do that.  The thing to watch out with promo codes is the same dental patients clicking on the same ad over multiple days as they hunt for a promo code.  Want to say a discount over $500 is eligible for a discount? You can do that.

Promotion Requirement in AdWords

Promotion Extension Holidays Dentist Can Use

You can set up your dentist promotion extension to show up in Google ads all the time or just during set holiday.  Below, you will see a set list of holidays specifically for promotion extensions in AdWords.

Benefits of Using Promotion Extensions In AdWords.

Here’s what Google has to say about that…

  • Update easily: Select from a list of pre-populated occasions. You don’t need to make new text ads to keep them up-to-date for sales and special offers that occur at different times.
  • Edit your extension without losing data: Edit your promotion extension without resetting its performance statistics.
  • Mobile preference: Choose if you prefer to show your promotion extensions on mobile devices.
  • Flexible scheduling: Choose to show your promotion extensions within the date of the occasion or specify dates, days of week, or times of day your promotion extensions are eligible to show.

You can learn more from Google directly at…  source:

Here’s what we say Promotion Extension fro Dentist in AdWords

Your dental practice will be able to…

  • Use more real estate by saving space in Google ad headline and description lines
  • Get more clicks by setting your Google ads apart from other dentists Google ads
  • Get more conversions by promoting specials attractive to dental patients