What works for kid’s dentists ads?

Today, we are going to look at dentists specifically looking for child dental patients.   Our search is in the Baltimore area.

The winner of the top spot at the time of our search is Main Street Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics. Main Street is a dental practice with five locations in Maryland and around a dozen in Florida.

We like their headline.  First, it focuses on the keyword phrase “dentist for kids” but it also immediately focuses on being a “fund dental experience”. 

Fun is code for not painful for the kids or parents.  We like that the URL using the word Pediatric once again indicating to the Google searcher that this dental practice focuses on kids. 

We also like the language “Have your Child’s Teeth Examined” in description line one.  Although “child” is obviously not the exact same keyword as “kid”, Google is certainly smart enough to see it is related and give the ad points for relevance.   

Also, not sure if it is on purpose, but we like that the ad indicates the dental practice also does “orthodontic dentistry” / “braces dentistry”. 

This signals to the Google searcher that if you are picking a dentist for your child for the long term (which is likely the case) Main Street Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics will have you covered.

The next  Google ad we will review is for White Marsh Pediatric Dentistry.  Their ad is good but a bit skinny.

We always like it when the keyword phrase is used in the headline so we like that Child Dentist is prominent in this headline. 

The language about pediatric dentistry further makes the case that this a dental practice that focuses on child dentistry.   Finally, we like that the Description Line 1 makes it clear this is a dental office located in Maryland. 

We prefer that that line specifically indicate that the office is in Nottingham, MD.  First, it would make the ad even more relevant to people near Nottingham.  It would also scare away clicks from people who feel Nottingham is too far or inconvenient. 

Why pay for that expensive Google click and have the visitor abandon your website 30 seconds later when they learn your location?   The other thing that concerns us about this ad is there is too skinny? 

Why are they not taking advantage of Description Line 2 or ad extensions?  There is more valuable AdWords real estate available for free why not take advantage?

Not sure if this was just a fluke but we hope so….  The ad above from Post Oak Pediatric Dentist is a good ad with a very big potential problem. 

When we saw the ad, we based our search on our local Maryland servers.  Here’s the problem, Post Oak Pediatric Dentist is based Marrietta, GA and does not seem to have any dental offices in Baltimore, MD. 

Unless this was a temporary fluke, Post Oak Pediatric Dentist should work to get the issues fixed asap so they are not paying for expensive out of state clicks.


At ConversionSmiles, we NEVER click on Dentist’s Google ads!  We want to save dentists money not waste it on unnecessary clicks. We also provide friendly SEO links to dental practices to help new patients find your dental practice with organic search.  (not a bad thing to have a link from a website that mostly talks about dentist stuff!)