Many dentists are asking themselves if they should focus on Dentist Facebook ads or if they should focus on Dentist AdWords campaigns.  To us, the answer is super-duper clear, dentists should focus on both Facebook ads and Google ads.

Why Dentists Should Use Google AdWords

Dentist AdWords vs. Dental SEO

Is your dental practice killing it with dental SEO strategies? Great.  You should still be investing in AdWords.  There is no better way to consistently find in-market dental patients than a dental AdWords campaign from Google. Period.

Dental SEO is 2nd best but you never know if Google algorithms are giving as much love today to your dental SEO as they did last week.  Also, it is very doable to do well with Dental SEO for some dental keywords but very unlikely you will be able to “own” all of the dental keywords in your market.    Having a big presence with dental SEO + dental ppc helps your practice “own” the first page of Google and gives your dental practice credibility.

Dental Google Ads Show At The Right Time 

Dentist AdWords Campaigns allow your dental practice to be in front of dental patients at the exact moment the prospective patients are searching for help with dental issues.  It is great to build your brand by being in front of new prospective patients by advertising in the local paper or on Facebook but nothing beats offering a solution to a specific dental issue at the exact moment that person is looking for help in Google.

At this point, most people are familiar with the difference between organic Google search results and Google ads.  The good news is a person clicking on a dentist Google ad typically has a higher intent to take action. (ie. fill out a form, make a call)

A Competitor Dentist’s Google Ad Will Show If Your Google Ad Does Not

If you don’t present a solution to a prospective dental patient’s problem, your competitor likely will.  Let’s say a prospect patient searches for “dental check-up” and finds your competitor and never even considers your dental practice. That’s good news for your competitor and bad news for your dental practice.  Not only d you lose out on a dental patient that might have a lifetime value of $10,000, your competitor’s dental practice grows while yours doesn’t.   Your competitor is now able to invest in better technology, a better team and a better experience for their patients.

So yeah,  you should definitely invest in dental AdWords campaigns!

(want to see some examples of Dentist Google ads that work? check out the post below)

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Why  Dentists Should Invest In Facebook Ads

Facebook Helps Your Dental Practice Target Dental Patients

Here’s how Facebook helps dentists find their next, best patients…

Demographics – Dentists can find dental patients based on stuff like age, gender, relationship status, education, workplace, job titles and more.

Location –  Dentists can reach dental patients in the area they practice dentistry.  Dental practices can even create a radius around a dental office to help find more walk-ins.

Interests – Find dental patients based on what they’re into, like hobbies, favorite entertainment and more.  You know what your perfect dental patient looks like. Now you can find them with Facebook.

Behaviors – Reach dental patients based on their purchase behaviors, device usage and other activities.  Looking for high-end dental patients who can actually afford expensive dental procedures? Now you can find them with Facebook.

You can learn more directly from Facebook here. Facebook Advertising Targeting Options 

Facebook Gives The Right Patients A Nudge

For as long as there are people, there will be people who are apprehensive about going to the dentist.  Facebook allows you to get in front of dental patients who know they should be doing something about their teeth but aren’t doing a damn thing about it.  Facebook creates an opportunity to make it easy to gently remind people their mouths matter and help them take action.   Many people don’t wake up in the morning thinking “I need to find a new dentist today” or “I need to get my teeth whitened today”.  If they do, they likely are in a place they can’t do anything about it (in front of a mirror) and forget all about it as life happens and they never get around to looking for help…

Dental Offers On Facebook Help Incent Patients

People make all kinds of crazy impulse purchases thanks to Facebook.   Why not create a compelling dental offer that actually can improve a person’s health and life?  Job #1 of a Facebook ad is to create interest and action.  An attractive dental offer gives a prospective patient a reason to do something now and stop procrastinating.    These people are not searching for a dentist but need one – your dental practice should be there for them.  Your dental practice ad is presented when they have time (they are bored and looking at Facebook) and can actually do something about it. (fill out a form!)

Dental Offers On Facebook Help Educate Patients  

Here’s a heartbreaker.  95% of people never think about dentistry.  Plenty of people think Invasalign is something that Tom Cruise was able to afford but they never could.  Even more people think Crest white strips are their only option for whiter teeth.  As a dentist, you think about this stuff all the time.  You take for granted what the average person knows and understands about modern dentistry.  Most people are completely clueless about their dental options.  Thanks to Facebook you can target the right people, educate them about their options and bring them on as new longtime dental patients.

So yeah,  you should definitely invest in dental Facebook ads!

In summary, we believe marketing investments in dental SEO, dental AdWords and dental Facebook ads are all critical to growing your dental practice.

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