(Dentists can improve dental AdWords conversion rates by improving reviews on review sites like Yelp. Dental practices can improve reviews with a simple text request!)

Make AdWords Great Again!

Google AdWords is a robust, powerful search marketing platform that can help dental practices find new dental patients and grow their business. AdWords has a ton of features and functions that can be optimized to save money and help dentists get found more in Google search results. That is not what this article is about. This article is about how what a dentist does outside of AdWords can dramatically affect and improve AdWords results.

How Dental Patient Reviews Affect AdWords

Dentist reviews on sites like Yelp and Google are becoming more and more important as dental practices compete for new customers. Imagine this scenario. A new dental patient does a Google search for a Google search term like “dentist near me”. The dental patient sees your Google ad. The ad’s ‘ad copy’ resonates and earns a click. Great! The dental practice is well on their way to a new dental patient and likely just used $5-$15 of their AdWords budget for this single Google ad click. Now, the dental patient lands on the landing page associated with the Google ad and fills out the form. Bingo! New dental patient right?

Well, not so fast. No matter how great the ‘dentist Google ad’ is and no matter how great the ‘dentist landing page’ is, the prospective dental patient is likely to do one more thing before they submit their contact information. You guessed it. The prospective dental patient is likely to check out reviews on sites like Yelp and Google before scheduling a dental appointment. Mobile searchers will likely use the Yelp app to establish if the dental practice deserves their business.

If the dental practice has a good star rating, positive comments and a good number of reviews, the dental patient will likely fill out a form. However, if the dental practice does not have a good star rating, a bunch of negative comments and only a few reviews it is unlikely the dental patient will fill out any form. In that case, the dental practice will have wasted valuable AdWords budget and the opportunity to find a new dental patient.

Step One To Getting Positive Dental Reviews – Don’t Suck!

We’re not going to tell you how to run your dental practice. But, we’ll remind you. Treat every dental patient as if they were the first patient to ever enter your dental office. Create a warm, friendly & caring environment to put patients at ease. If you screw up, acknowledge the mistake and figure out how to correct the problem. If you don’t fix the problem and make the dental patient feel cared for before they leave your dental office, you can expect to read all about the patient’s grievances online in the near future.

Step Two To Getting Positive Dental Reviews – Ask For Reviews!

There are some patients you just know love your dental office. Make sure you ask you ask these dental patients for a positive review. Make sure you let these folks know how important a dental review is to the business. Make sure you let them know how appreciated a review would be.

Step Three To Getting Positive Dental Reviews – Follow Up With A Text!

A smart dental practice will send a quick text immediately after every dental office visit. The patient will get a text that says something like “Thanks for visiting DentalDynasty today! How likely would you be to refer DentalDynasty to a friend from 1 (least likely) to 10 (most likely)?” If a patient gives a score of 7 or higher, you should immediately send them a link to a review site like Yelp. If the score is lower, you should request more information to determine how service can be improved.

Positive Reviews + Dental AdWords Campaigns = New Patient Gold

Lots of dental practices claim “AdWords does not work for our dental practice” or “AdWords is a big waste of money. Sadly, these dental practices are right, if they are getting poorly reviewed online. However, when a dental practice has good reviews AdWords can start working in magical ways. When ad clicks consistently turn into landing page form fills and ultimately new dental patients, it is easy to increase AdWords budget and compete more aggressively against competitor dentists. A higher AdWords budget should mean more clicks and ultimately more dental patients for your dental practice.

Of course, beyond helping with your dentist AdWords campaigns, positive reviews will also make your dental SEO efforts more worthwhile.  Need help with dental SEO? Check out DENTAL SEO TIPS – FREE INSTANT EBOOK  

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