Most dentists glaze over when Google AdWords is discussed.   Sure, dentists love the idea of attracting new dental patients and growing their dental practice but the nitty gritty of click-through rates, cost per click and conversions doesn’t get many dentists too excited.

Plus, Google Adwords can be like a rat hole where you lose hours of your life if you are not careful.  The Google Adwords interface is difficult to understand and navigate for most dentists who don’t spend a lot of time investigating AdWords campaigns.    For these reasons,  it can be weeks, months or even years before a dentist logs in to check out how money is being spent.  (wasted!)

That’s why we think the AdWords app should be the best friend of any dentist spending money on Google ads.  The AdWords app is not designed for AdWords management but instead, is meant to be a quick dashboard to give a dentist a clue as to how their AdWords budget is being spent.

The AdWords app is really designed for the busy executive who just wants to  know the brass tacks – “What are we spending? What clicks are we getting?”

The AdWords app is beautifully designed and easy to use for dentists or anyone.  We think you will actually find it a pleasure to quickly view the performance of campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.   A quick swipe of your finger will quickly show you what is working and not working.

If you are relying on a dentist AdWords management company to manage your AdWords campaign is a must.   While most certified AdWords management companies are reliable and well-intentioned, it is your job to keep them, honest.   Nobody knows your dental practice better than you do.  Your AdWords management company might be focusing your budget on teeth cleanings even though you really want to find more dental implant patients.

So don’t delay.  Our pro tip of the day is to download the Google AdWords App and use the AdWords today and every day.    Believe us, you will find a 30-second check of the AdWords app a lot more interesting than Facebook.

You can download the Google AdWords with the links below.

AdWords App on Google Play 

AdWords App on iTunes