Google AdWords Vs. SEO

Google paid search (AdWords) and SEO (organic search) are two different animals.   There are two big differences between the two ways getting your dental practice found.  The first difference is pretty obvious. With Google AdWords a dentist needs to pay Google to get placement, clicks, conversions etc.

With dentist SEO, the dentist might pay a dentist SEO company but they won’t pay Google directly.  The second big difference is AdWords can provide almost instant results.  A dentist can decide to set up their dentist AdWords account now and 15 minutes from now.   That dentist can be showing their dentist Google ads and get new visitors to their website.  By contrast, a dentist SEO company can start working on a dentist website and the dental practice might not see results for 1-6 months or even more.   In theory though, once the SEO work is done, the dental practice should see new visitors for years to come.

How Dentist SEO Keyword Strategy Works

Anyone who has done a lot of dentist SEO knows keywords matter.  Google is a company filled with geniuses.  Literally, Ph.D. level geniuses.  Lots of them.  Yes, they are super smart but they can’t read minds and neither can their search engine.  Anyone who has done Dentist SEO knows that if the dentist keywords do not appear on the page, the dental practice should not expect to get found for those keywords.  You can overdo it and stuff the page with dentist keywords and that’s a bad idea.

But, if the dentist keywords don’t appear prominently on the page and on the website, don’t expect to place highly on Google’s search pages.  There are two reasons why keyword relevance is critical for dentist search engine optimization.  First, keywords tell the search engine “yes, the page is talking a lot about dental implants in Tampa Florida” so it matches the keyword phrase ‘dental implant in Tampa Florida’ more than most other pages on the web.  Second, if the Google user lands on a page that does not prominently talk about “dental implants in Tampa, Florida” you can expect the user will abandon the page quickly as they look for a  more relevant page.

This all sounds simple.  It IS simple.  Give the search engines and the search user what they want and your dental practice will win with dentist SEO.  Here’s a tool for finding dentist keyword ides.

Why Your Dentist AdWords Manager Should Know SEO

Understanding ‘dentist SEO’ and keyword relevance is super helpful for a dentist Adwords management company.  The same principles apply to dentist AdWords campaigns as we discussed with dentist SEO.  Great creative dentist ads are awesome and even critical for an effective dentist AdWords strategy.  Yes, create ads that tell your dental practice story and evoke emotion!

But, if you want those ads to get seen and clicked you must start and end with the right dentist keywords in AdWords.  First, you need to discover dentist related keywords and load them into your AdWords campaign.

Next, you need to create Google ads that are specifically relevant to important keywords.  If someone types ‘dental implants in Tampa, FL”,  you better have those keywords in your ad or you can expect your competitor will and the competitor will get better placement from Google.  Plus, they will get more clicks from prospective dental patients.

Finally, you should have the same relevant dentist keywords on your landing page.  The keywords on the landing page will tell the Google robots that “this page is relevant to the keyword dental implants in Tampa, FL”.  Also, it will give the prospective dental patient the ‘warm and fuzzies’ that indeed they have found what they are looking for.  If they don’t instantly see that they have found a page that is relevant to their search,  you can expect the new visitor will instantly disappear.

Now, you will have wasted money on an AdWords click.  Wasted a potential opportunity to grow your dental practice.  Worst of all, the prospective dental patient will now likely end up on another dental practice’s  relevant landing page and help them grow their dental practice.

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