If your dental practice is looking for a leg up when it comes to your AdWords campaigns, you should consider building custom landing pages that match your dentist Google ads.

What Is a Landing Page?

Google provides a pretty simple definition of the term landing page.  They simply say “the webpage where people end up after they click your ad.”  In the world of dentist AdWords, it is specifically the page the prospective dental patient ends up after clicking your dentist Google ad.    Over the years, many dentists have directed dental patients to their main page.  In those cases, the home page of the dental practice was (is) in fact the landing page. (Terrible idea!)

Why Dentist AdWords Managers Should Avoid  Your Home Page

We get it.  The web designer, the dentist, the dental staff, everyone fell in love with the main page at some point.  Look at those smiling dental patients?  Look at how well your dental practice story is told.  Your dentist home page is great.  Cherish it. But, consider avoiding it as your dentist landing page.  Your dentist homepage is supposed to talk to everyone.  Any possible dental patient should be able to look at your main page and see that your dental practice might be able to help them.  But, your home page is too generic for someone who just clicked on a very specific dentist Google ad.

Your Dentist Landing Page Should Be Relevant To The Google Search 

There are three reasons why you should create custom landing pages for your dentist AdWords campaigns.

First, you need to consider the dental patient experience.  If the prospective patient  searches for “family dentist” and clicks on your  relevant “family dentist” Google ad, you better make sure the landing page prominently speaks to your practice being a “family dentist practice .”  Landing page relevance here makes the user feel like they have found what they are looking for.

Next, you must always consider the robot.  The Google robot sniffs out the language on your web page and your competitors’ landing page.  If one landing page has more language that is relevant to the Google search, which Google ad do you think Google will give better placement to?  You guessed it.  The Google robot will give better placement to the Google ad that is more relevant and more useful to the Google searcher.   Google wants to train all of us to trust Google ads.  Bad  Google ad experiences (landing pages) mean bad experiences for Google searchers and fewer future Google ad clicks.  Fewer future clicks mean less money for Google.  Google “no likey” less money!

Finally, your dentist home page is intended to inform and communicate.  Your dentist landing page has only one job.  The job of your dentist landing page is to convert a Google click to a new dentist patient.  Landing pages must be clean and uncluttered.  Dentist landing pages should be optimized with simple forms and emotional hooks to get clicks to turn into new dental patients.

Is your dentist AdWords Management company using custom landing pages?  Why not???