We wish there was a simple answer for how much dentist AdWords cost should be. Unfortunately, because the AdWords system is a live auction, the cost for AdWords for dentists can vary from greatly from location to location and minute to minute.

How Much Should A Dentist Expect AdWords To Cost on Month To Month Basis?

In a very small town without much competition, a dental AdWords campaign can cost as little as $500 per month. This low AdWords cost is related to fewer dentists bidding on and inflating the cost of dental keywords and because there are actually fewer dental keywords clicks.

How Much Does a Typical Dentist AdWords Keyword Click Cost?

In a tiny town, the dental practice might be able to bid $2.00 – $5.00 for dental keywords that convert into dental patients Whereas, in a major city a dental keyword click might be $10-$20 depending on how aggressively competitive the other dental practices are that use AdWords to grow their dental practices.

Why Do Dentist AdWords Campaigns Costs Fluctuate?

There are a number of reason why dentist AdWords costs fluctuate. Routinely, dental practices decide to expand or reduce their usage of dental AdWords campaigns. If a couple dental practice decides to suspend their AdWords campaigns for a few weeks, months or years that good news for your dental practice because the competition for dental keywords will be lower. In fact, the costs for AdWords is different in different ‘day parts’ or different days of the week. Some dental AdWords experts are convinced they only good time to spend money on Google AdWords is on weekday mornings. For that reasons, Dentists will see the costs of good dental keywords lower in the afternoon, nights and on weekends. There are still people searching and clicking on Google ads at those times, the trick is to get them to convert into new dental patients with smart voicemails and online scheduling options.

How Can A Dental Practice Drive Dentist AdWords Costs Down?

This might seem obvious but a key way a dental practice can drive down Dentist AdWords Costs is to reduce waste. Dentist AdWords Waste typically comes in two forms.

First, dentist AdWords waste comes from advertising to the wrong people in the wrong places. Yup, every day we see dentists Google ads who are hundreds and even sometimes thousands of miles away from us. How far will a new dental patient travel to your dental office? Of course, that depends on the quality of your reviews, the type dental procedures specialties your practice offers and how many dental offices are in your neck of the woods. Once you decide how far people will likely travel you can set up your Dentist AdWords campaign so you only advertise to prospective dental patients in a very specific area. You can learn more about targeting specific areas in AdWords directly from Google here…. Target ads to geographic locations 

Seconds, Dentist AdWords waste comes from advertising to the wrong people for the wrong keywords. For instance, if a dentist uses the basic Broad Match setting in Google AdWords they will get a lot of unwanted traffic for keywords they don’t really want to bid on in AdWords. For instance, a new dental practice might say “Great, I want to advertise when someone searches for the keyword “Dentist” in my area. The problem is with broad match AdWords will show your dentist Google ads for any dentist related keyword searches in Google. If someone searches for “dentist school”, “dentist chair”, “dentist AnyKeyWordCombination” – your dentist ad is likely to show on Google. Worse, lots of people will actually click on the Google ads and drive up your AdWords costs. The reason Google provides the broad match option is that it would be impossible for a dental practice or dental AdWords specialist to guess at every dental keyword query might happen. For instance, even a dental AdWords expert might not ever guess that someone might search for “Tampa dentist that offers root canal and teeth whitening special”. So broad match keywords can be useful, but if your primary goal is to reduce Dentist AdWords costs, you should be extremely careful with broad match.

Use Negative Keywords To Drive Down Dentist AdWords Costs

One great way to control broad match keywords and reduce AdWords costs is to use negative keywords. Negative keywords are essentially your way of telling AdWords that you never want your keywords to show up for particular keywords. For instance, you can add the keywords school, chair, scholarship or whatever you want. The bad news is you will never be able to guess at all the negative keywords that should be in your AdWords account – it is crazy what people search for in Google. The best way to see which actual dental Google queries are triggering your Googles ad is to check your Search Terms in your AdWords account.

Check The Search Terms Report In AdWords Everyday

If you really care about reducing Dentist AdWords costs, you need to check your Search Terms report every day. Search Terms will show you all the silly crazy, ridiculous things your Google ad is being clicked on for in AdWords. Do you really your dentist ad to show up for the search term “How to be a dentist when I grow up?” It is easy to check Search Terms in AdWords. Simply click on Keywords and then click Good news if you are not inclined to log in to your AdWords account every day, you can set up AdWords to send a daily report directly to your email every day. Even if you don’t fully understand the report, this is a great way to hold your dental AdWords specialist accountable because you will be able to ask smart questions. (see Search Terms tab top right in image below)

Bid On Targeted Keywords Only To Reduce Dentist AdWords Cost

The AdWords system can be tightly controlled if you like. If you want to advertise only to people typing in “dental implants dentist” you can do that. If you want to reduce, start with the obvious keywords that produce the type of patients you actually want. If you don’t really want “dental implant” patients, don’t bid on those keywords. Also, make sure you are a good choice for the prospect.

Reduce Dental AdWords Spend With Relevant Landing Pages

If you are bidding on the keyword “root canal”, you should have a dental landing page that specifically talks about root canals procedures and explains why your dental practice is the prospective patients best option for help with their root canal.

Lower Dental AdWords Budget With Dental Patient Testimonial Videos

If you someone finds your dental website via a Google ad, you can expect they will need some convincing before they decide to fill out a form or call your dental office. Your dental landing page should include social proof such as quotes from reviews and dental patient testimonial videos. A 30 seconds video can be a simple way to help a prospect trust your dental practice enough to take the next step of filling out a form, scheduling a dentist appointment or calling your dental practice.

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