More and more dentists want to know how they can get found in Google Maps. AdWords makes the process of advertising in Google Maps simple but not terribly consistent. (dentist can’t guarantee placement)

What Is A Google Maps Dentist Ad?

A ‘Google Maps dentist ad’ is displayed directly in Google Maps and/or in the map listing that appears in the Google search results when a location-based dentist search is done by a prospective patient.  (ie – dentist in Atlanta)

Why Would A Dentist Want To Advertise In Google Maps?

The two big reasons dentists should consider advertising in Google maps. First, more people are turning directly to Google maps to discover businesses that are close to their home or work. Sure, you want your dental practice listing to show up naturally in the Google maps but it is even more powerful when your dental practice listing shows up twice 1) one natural listing [seo] 2) one paid listing [PPC].

If you have a ‘Google maps dentist ad’, your ad will show directly in but will also sometimes show up in the map listing right on the first page of the Google search results. Of course, this is powerful because your dental practice will now have three opportunities to be seen by prospective dental patients when they search directly in Google 1) Google AdWords dentist ad 2) SEO natural listing 3) Google Map Listing paid listing

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How Can a Dentist Set Up Google Ads In Google Maps?

There is NO Google maps ad interface. Instead, a dental practice will need an active AdWords campaign for their ad to show up in Google map listings.

How Does A Dentist Set Google Maps In AdWords

First thing, the dentist or AdWords Manager needs to do is Enable location extensions for their  AdWords account.

Next, the dentist needs to set up or update their Google My Business listing.

Next, the dentist needs to use location targeting and bid by location. The dentist needs to target a specific location and set bids by location, so that their bids increase for people located near your dental practice.

Next, the dentist practice needs to optimize their keywords. They need to use keywords in their dental AdWords campaigns that relate to their location and what people are searching for locally.

Can A Dentist Guarantee Their Ad Will Show Up In Google Maps?

No! AdWords allows a dentist to set up ads in Google maps but Google decides when and if the dentist Google ad will show in Google maps. The same applies for the Google map listing in the Google search results – Google decided when and if your dentist ad will appear!

Should A Dentist Pay To Be Included In Google Map Listings? 

It all depends on the dentist (how fast do you want to grow?) and the local competition (how expensive are Google Map Clicks?)  Our best advice is to test Google maps ads and decide if the conversions are worth the money and effort for your dental practice. But of course, this is our Adwords management mantra – Test, Test, Test…….

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