Dental SEO Analysis of NYC Map Pack & Dental Website

Dental Website SEO vs. Map Pack SEO

Many dentists interested in Dental SEO may have wondered how a dental practice’s appearance in the Google Map Pack might relate to their dental website’s appearance on Google’s first page. It would be logical to believe the dental SEO activities that help your practice get in the Map Pack would also help get you on at least the front page of Google for the same Google search term.

Google Map Pack aka Google Local 3 Pack

We decided to take a look for ourselves using a tool from BrightLocal that allows us to do a local search for a dentist in NYC for the Zip Code 10017. Dental SEO in NYC is about as competitive as gets so we thought it would a great place to analyze.

The specific search we did was for “dentist near me” for the area of 10017 and we got some surprising results.

The three organic listings above in the Mp Pack should come as no big surprise as each dental practice has a healthy number of reviews and an average of 4.9+ stars. (Midtown Dental Care is actually a Google ad listing so it should not be considered.)

Of course many prospective dental patients will look at more than just the first 3 dentist map listings. Many folks will choose the View All option so we decided to look at the top ten dental practice listings.

Dental PracticeRating#of reviewsMapPack RankOrganic RankWebsite
Park 56 Dental5420110+
42nd Street Dental4.982210+
Midtown Dental
Aesthetic Dentistry of New York49410+
286 Madison
Fine Dental4.840610+
209 NYC
Murray Hill Dental4.791810+
Dental Office 100170910+
Smile Arts of NY4.93421010+

The first thing that stood out to us is that none of the dental practice listings in the Google pack were findable in the first 10 pages of Google search results. None. Zip. Zero.

That means that although these dental practices were able to convince Google they deserved to be in the Map Pack, their dental SEO was not good enough to get them on the first 10 pages of Google!

The next surprise is how few dental practices actually list their zip code as 10017 on their dental practice website. That means as far as the practice website their dental SEO was actually optimizing for a different zip code. Usually a pretty close zip code – but a different one.

Below you see in bold the dental practice websites that were optimized for 10017. Only 3 out of the 10 the dental practice websites were optimized for 10017!

Park Dental – New York, NY 10022

42 Street Dental – New York, NY 10017

Midtown Dental Service – New York, NY 10017

Aesthetic Dentistry – New York, NY 10020

286 Madison Dental – New York, NY 10017

Fine Dental – New York, NY 10016

209 NYC Dental – New York, NY 10022

Murray Hill Dental PC – New York, NY 10016

Dental Office 10017 – New York, NY 10170

Smiles Arts Of NY – New York, NY 10016

Another interesting finding was for the map pack listing entitled “Dental Office 10017“. This is a bogus name and not the real name of the dental practice.

The “SEO expert” responsible for this listing broke a serious GoogleMyBusiness (Map Pack) rule. Dental practices must use their actual business name as listed on their dental practice’s website. Otherwise, as you can imagine, if dental practices could name their map pack listing whatever they wanted, pretty soon you would see most listings would simply be Dentist, Town Name.

By the time you are reading this, Google probably has discovered the cheating listing above. The poor dentist probably had no idea what their so-called dental SEO expert was up to but they might pay the price by being penalized by Google.

Guidelines for representing your business on Google

Represent your business as it’s consistently represented and recognized in the real world across signage, stationery, and other branding.” – Google

Here’s what is fascinating. Did you notice how many reviews the bogus listing called “Dental Office 10017” had? Go ahead. Check the grid above. I will wait. That dental office has zero listed reviews. Really. Zero. Yet they made it into the top 10 in NYC.

*Dental SEO Insight* – This could be an indication that the almighty Google is heavily weighing the fact that the listing includes the zip code that matches the location of the “dentist near me” search. Wow. Just wow!

Dental SEO Pro Tip – If a competitor is playing dirty and manipulating the Google My Business listing title with spammy keywords you can report them to Google.

Simply click on their listing and then click “Suggest an edit”. From there you will be able to type in the actual business name according to the dental practice’s website. Of course this will be reviewed by Google so it needs to truthful and helpful.

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We acknowledge this is not a scientific study and is based on data from Brightlocal which attempts to replicate local search data. This article is intended to make you think and we suggest your run your own test in your own local area.

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