Mobile Matters

Why does mobile matter?  Dentists need to start thinking about mobile because more than 60% of Google searches are being done with mobile devices.  That number is even higher for dentist searches. Think about a typical dental patient.

Do you really think they are pulling out their old laptop or sitting down at their old desktop PC when they are looking for a dentist? They are not.

A typical dentist search is done when it is convenient and timely for the consumer.   These type of searches are likely to occur on a train, in a car, on a couch or just about anywhere with a mobile device.  Very often,  a consumer searches for a dentist because they are reminded by a tooth hurting or some another trigger.   Typically, a dentist search is not a well-planned event.  When consumers search, your dental practice needs to be there.

A recent change to Google Adwords makes it likely that your organic website listing won’t appear as someone searches for a dentist and glances down at their phone.  In fact, even your Google map listing likely won’t show.

As seen in the images below, even on a giant 5.5″ mobile phone the screen is dominated by dentists ads from Google Adwords.

“Dental Implants”  NYC  Google Search 

“Cosmetic Dentist”  Los Angeles, CA

There’s another reason mobile and Google AdWords is becoming super important for dentists trying to find new patients.  The “Amazon Effect” is training consumers that instant gratification is just a passing thought and click away.  Today,  if a consumer decides they want a new screwdriver, they can do a 10-second search on Amazon, click a button and expect that screwdriver at their home the next day.  We are not saying a screwdriver selection is the same as a dental practice selection, (obviously not) but we are saying you have to do everything in your power to make it easy for patients to find you and take action quickly so they can get back to binge-watching Netflix.

Sorry, but if your dental practice does not show up on the main page of Google, your dental practice does not really exist on the web.