Dental SEO Companies

Searching for the best dental SEO services? Check out this UNBIASED list of dental SEO companies to help your dental practice rank in Google.

[Dental SEO companies List + Free Dental SEO Cheatsheet.  Dental SEO is a key dental marketing strategy to find new dental patients. Sometimes it makes sense to bring in a dental SEO expert.  Below we have assembled a growing list of dental SEO companies. Dental SEO services vary based on experience, results and price – find the right dental SEO service for you below. Plus, you will find our dental SEO cheatsheet at the bottom of this post.]

What is dental SEO?  Dental SEO is a dental marketing technique used to help dentists ensure new dental patients can find their dental websites.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of getting free organic traffic to websites by optimizing the website with keywords, authoritative content and incoming links.

At ConversionSmiles, we know there are far more dentists out there than we could ever help.  In fact, to best serve our dental practice clients, we often are not accepting new dentists as clients.

In an effort to help dentists with other dental marketing strategies, we have put together a list of dental SEO companies, we thought might be useful for dental practices. Dental SEO when done right can be Free Per Click and have long-term benefits.

The list below focuses on dental marketing companies that have a significant focus on dental SEO as their primary business.  (not dental web design companies that also happen to do SEO, not SEO companies that happen to do SEO for dentists but also do SEO for a million other industries…)  Just like with dental AdWords, we believe dentists should choose SEO agencies that have a true focus and expertise in helping dentists with search engine optimization.

So, here’s a list of dental SEO companies we found in Google but do not necessarily vouch for.  Do your own homework – SEO companies are notoriously let’s say… sketchy.  But, sometimes there are some dental SEO companies with smart people who really want to help your business.


Dental Marketing Guy 

Blurb from Dental Marketing Guy

“Want new patients who are already searching for your dental services? I offer SEO for dentists who want to remove uncertainty and replace it with transparency.

If you’ve ever wondered how to tell the difference between an enthusiastic dental SEO expert and the myriads of SEO companies who cold email you, you’re in the right place. I created the first and only dental SEO course specifically for dental professionals like you so that you can quickly and easily grasp fundamental SEO principles and help you gain new patients from search engines.”

New Patient Inc. 

Blurb from New Patient Inc.

“SEO is a Very Competitive Game. If you are in a competitive dental market, and other dentists around you have hired their own dental SEO experts – it becomes a war.”


Blurb from Coalition 

“This is why dental SEO services are imperative to stay competitive, and Coaltion Technologies is here to help. We can help you build relationships with new marketplaces in order to increase the number of loyal clients your practice serves.”


Blurb from

“Specificity – we specialize in SEO for dentists, orthodontists, and related firms. While others are constantly shifting focus between markets, working on plumbers one day and landscapers the next, and trying to apply generic search engine optimization skills across a number of different sites, we are doing one thing – working to provide our dental clients the best rankings possible. We have no desire to be a jack-of-all-trades agency – we eat, sleep, and breathe in the world of dentistry.”

The Seo Dentist 

Blurb from The SEO dentist.

“DENTAL SEO MADE EASY – With Google’s never-ending algorithm updates, it may feel impossible to keep up! Well,  the good news is, now you don’t have to be an SEO master as well as run your practice. We live and breathe Dental SEO.”

Practice Cafe

Blurb from Practice Cafe.

“Since you’re researching SEO for your dental practice’s website, someone probably told you that you need it, or you’ve recognized the need yourself. If your dental office is in a relatively competitive area, search engine optimization should be included in any marketing plan that’s meant to be well-balanced. If you’re in a highly competitive area, then ongoing SEO is a must-have!”


Blurb from PBHS

“Our SEO methodology is big-picture focused. It’s not just about your Google ranking – it’s about the greater visibility of your brand online and whether you are attracting and converting new patients.”


Blurb from Delmain

“When someone searches for dentists in your city, you want to be the #1 result. No dental SEO agency can promise to get you there overnight. This isn’t flash in the pan stuff — it takes time. We’re in this for the long haul, just like you.”

Smile Marketing

Blurb from Smile Marketing.

“SEO for Dentists Simplified. Many SEO consultants would like you to believe that dental website SEO is some high art; a secret society with special handshakes and insider information. That may help them extract their high fees, but how to properly optimize a website is well known. In fact, Google would rather see attempts to “game” their algorithm disappear, taking a dim view of aggressive overtures. Here’s how Smile Marketing delivers effective white hat SEO for dentists…”

Breakthrough Dental Marketing 

Blurb From Breakthrough Dental Marketing

“A full-service dental marketing agency.  Our team develops effective content strategies for forward-thinking practices. We have a proven track record in increasing search engine rankings for dentists and periodontists.”

Titan Web Agency  

Blurb From Titan Web Agency

“As a Salt Lake City, Utah Healthcare professional SEO company, working with doctors, dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, and more, our goal is to help medical professionals focus on growing their practice, and NOT doing their own SEO. We know the ins and outs of quality search engine optimization for healthcare professionals….”

Identity Dental Marketing

Blurb from Identity Dental Marketing

“If you are not coming up on the top 5 results of Google, you can assume that your potential patients searching online are choosing from your competition. Many marketing companies practice SEO, however, we don’t feel most practice Ethical SEO. Ethical SEO offers protection from exclusion on Google (blacklisting) and other search engines. It also provides a more permanent form of investment at an affordable price.”

SmartBox Dental Marketing 

Blurb from SmartBox Dental Marketing

“Search Engine Optimization: We provide comprehensive SEO services that include, but are not limited to, content, video and image optimization, title tag creation & optimization, robots.txt, and social media integration.”

Firegang Dental Marketing

Blurb from Firegang Dental Marketing

“Getting Your SEO For Dentists Campaign Started… As a dentist, your online presence is becoming increasingly important. Don’t get left behind. Your competitors may already be using these techniques to get ahead. Having a website no one can find won’t cut it. You need a targeted website and an optimized web presence if you want to attract more new and loyal patients. All you have to do is take the next step.”

HealthCare Marketing

Blurb from Healthcare Marketing

“When we started in Vancouver, Canada we had no idea we would become the industry leader in search engine optimization and Google Adwords. We tested our marketing services out for a couple of our website clients and the results speak for themselves…”

The Dental Boost 

Blurb from The Dental Boost

“Implementing Dental SEO for specific procedures like implants, sedation, veneers, Invisalign, as well as teeth whitening can be a goldmine for your practice. Targeting these popular terms can attract dozens of new patients per month, that are looking for a dentist in your city. Want to try to do dental SEO yourself? You probably can do it!”


Blurb from

“Dental Marketing & Dental SEO Experts
We get you on the first page of Google and track the results! Ultimate Dental Marketing Plan that actually puts your dental practice in front of active patients searching for dentists in their local area. Stop Searching for Dental Marketing Companies and Agencies, We are the Dental Marketing Company you have been looking for!”


Blurb from

“Ongoing SEO to Maintain the Best Organic Results
Search engine algorithms constantly change and the Internet adds over 140,000 websites every day, so it’s no surprise that website SEO requires ongoing review and adjustment. Smile Savvy’s Ongoing Search Engine Optimization service ensures that your website performance is examined each quarter, and SEO adjustments are made as needed. Smile Savvy’s SEO service ensures that your website will reach optimal search results – even in the most competitive markets.”

At the time of this writing, it looks like SmilesSavvy provides SEO for Dentists in addition to hosting services. “Note: Ongoing SEO Maintenance is an addition to your monthly website hosting.”


Blurb from 

“Local Dental SEO. We rank terms that good dental patients search for within selected zip codes around your office. For example, when someone uses certain keywords to search for a service and the zip codes around your practice, our service ensures that your office will appear at the top of that search.”

Crimson Media

Blurb from

“Our clients see anywhere from 15-40 new patients every single month from ranking in the top spots of Google. Crimson Media’s proprietary SEO strategy allows you to run your practice, while allowing us to bring you patients.”


Blurb from

“Dental SEO: Search Engine Optimization. On average, dental practices who use our search engine optimization solutions see a 300% return on their investment!”

Local Search for Dentists 

Blurb from

“Local Search For Dentists® (LSFD) is a full-service dental marketing agency that was founded by award-winning dental marketing expert and our CEO, Graig Presti®. Presti has helped thousands of dental practices just like yours attract quality new patients with proprietary online dental marketing systems”



Unfortunately, we can in no way vouch for the dental SEO companies listed above.  This list is purely a resource to help dentists quickly click through and look at a number of dental SEO companies.  You or your dental practice manager can do your own research beyond this list.

You might think, a list of dental SEO companies already exists – its called Google, right?  Strangely, relying on the first page of Google for a list of SEO companies is tricky.  Sometimes, some of the top SEO companies listed on Google are the ones doing black hat SEO and using all kinds of unethical practices. (those SEO companies might be here today and gone tomorrow)

You might be saying, “hey whatever it takes, if a dental SEO company knows how to get me on page 1, let’s do it”.  The problem is your dental practice website and domain is one of your greatest assets – you can not afford to be penalized or even banned from Google search results. BE CAREFUL!

As we find more dental SEO companies,  we will add them to this blog post.  If a dental SEO company tells you they can drive big results in a month you might want to run in the other direction as SEO is a slow methodical process.  Dental SEO works but you need time, patience and persistence.    The quick fix strategies usually end up being long-term failures.

In no way is the list above intended to be all-inclusive or a list of the best dental SEO companies – the list is just a starting point to help with research.  Hope it helps! (if you would like your dental SEO company removed from the list above just let us know)


  • Local Signals – Make sure your dental website uses your city/town name multiple times on your front page. Makes sure your dental website has a page dedicated to your location that includes a map and references to local landmarks. Location pages should also include links out to local businesses and/or town resources.
  • Dental Procedures – Make sure the exact keywords for the dental procedures you want to get found for appear on your main page. Make sure every dental procedure you want to be found for has its own page with multiple instances of the exact keyword. Make sure each dental procedure page includes synonyms and closely related keywords
  • Page Titles – Make sure the page title of your main page is something like “Top Dentist In Boston MA”. Your page title will decide what the headline is in the Google search results. For example, if your page title is “Dr. Bob Smith – Smith Family Dental”, the Google search results will say “Dr. Bob Smith – Smith Family Dental”. Which would you click on if you were looking for a new dentist in Boston? (Great Click Through Rate (CTR) will help your dental website rise to the top of the first page of Google.) Compelling page titles should also be used to increase CTR of dental procedure pages.
  • Compelling Forms – Now that you have attracted a prospective dental patient to your website, it is your job to get them to take action and provide their contact info. Forms should just ask for basic info. Forms should have a strong Call To Action like Schedule Now, Request Consultation Now, etc. You can get twice as much out of your organic results if you simply convert more patients with great forms and landing pages. Consider a special offer like “Schedule Now and Get 50% off Teeth Whitening. Limited Supplies!”
  • Mobile-Friendly – If your dental website does not look good on mobile, you will have BIG PROBLEMS. You will lose at Dental SEO, Dental Google Ads, and even referral business if you don’t fix this serious problem fixed. This is an easy problem to fix. (List of dental website companies.) STARTING FIXING IT TODAY!
  • Online Scheduling – Many people want to schedule their dentist appointment while sitting on their couch and binging Netflix at 11:30 PM. Consider using an online scheduling tool like LocalMed.
  • Exact Keyword “Town Dentist” – If you are a dentist in Miami and you don’t have the exact phrase “Miami Dentist” on your main page multiple times, you should expect dentists that do have the exact SEO keywords “Miami Dentists” will beat you on the first page of Google if all else is equal. Keep in mind, the simplest way to win the dental SEO game is to win with the big, common searches like “Town Dentist”. PRO TIP – If you want to get found for “Best Dentist in AnyTown, USA” – make sure the word “Best” actually appears on your website.

Want to do dental SEO yourself? Take a look at our free dental SEO eBook.  Best Dental SEO Tips – Free Instant eBook Get started with dental SEO by writing dental blog posts  50 Dental Blog Post Ideas

Before you engage with a Dental SEO Company, you should make sure you understand Dental SEO Fundamentals. Check out the quick 9-minute training video below to learn Dental SEO Fundamentals along with practical Tips & Tricks.

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