(Amazon.com is dramatically and rapidly changing consumer behavior.  Dental practices need to pay attention and make changes in order to save money on dental AdWords campaigns and find more dental patients.)

Amazon.com – Find it, View It

Imagine it were still 1995.  Imagine you could walk into a giant superstore that sold 500,000 products.  That would be impressive right? Now, imagine you could instantly view and purchase any of those items?  Cool right?  Well, Amazon doesn’t offer 500,000 products.  According to ScrapeHero.com Amazon now has a total of 536,641,219 products on sale.  Check out that number again.  That’s not 536K that’s 536 million products!

Amazon.com – Click It, Get It! 

With just a click of a mouse, most of those 500 million products are available for shipping within just a few days.  Many times the products are actually cheaper than going to the local store.

Amazon Prime Membership

It is estimated there are between 65-80 million Amazon Prime subscribers worldwide.  These members are able to get millions of products with free two-day shipping! Now, that’s convenience.

Amazon Echo Dot 

Typing a product search into a phone or computer too difficult?  No problem.  Amazon now allows customers to order products with their voice via their Echo Dot.

Amazon & Dentists

So, what does this all have to do with dentists, dental marketing, and AdWords?  Consumers are being trained that they should be able to get what they want when they want it.  If your dental practice does not offer a terrific online experience for any patient at any time you will end up wasting some money on your dental AdWords campaigns.

Ask Yourself The Amazon Question

Amazon is constantly thinking like the user.  Amazon always asks themselves, “could the user experience be improved?”  (and then they improve it wherever they can!)  In fact, Amazon is constantly trying to exceed the expectations of the user.   Now, with that in mind.  Imagine you are a brand new prospective dental patient.   Go through your dental practice’s current sales process from start to finish.  Ask yourself,  could the user experience be improved?

Start With Your Dentist AdWords Ad

Could the user’s Google ad experience be improved?  Is the dentist ad relevant and helpful to the prospective dental patient?  Is the dental Google ad packed with helpful info and a clear Call To Action?  If so, great.  If not, start testing some new AdWords ads that are focused on helping the dental patient rather than helping your dental practice.  Imagine you are the dental patient.  What do you want? What do you need?

Make Sure Your Dental Landing Page is Amazon-Like

Is your dental landing page clear, concise and easy to navigate on any device?  If so, you have a great start and a great chance to turn that dental AdWords click into a form fill or phone call.
Now, make sure you have information that is helpful to the dental patient like operating hours, exact location, details about the dental procedure and how to book a dentist appointment.

Social Proof On Your Dental Landing Page

Millions of items have been purchased on Amazon because the customer saw that other customers have reviewed the product with more than 4 stars. If at all possible, provide reviews or quotes from dental patients on your AdWords landing pages.

If you don’t have positive reviews yet, make a plan to get them asap.  More and more dental patients are expecting social proof and won’t just take your word for how great your dental practice is no matter how fancy your dental website is.   Social proof will help you convert more Google ad clicks, save money on dental AdWords campaigns and grow your dental practice.

Dental Practice Websites Must Be Mobile Friendly

An increasing proportion of searches for dental practices are coming from mobile phones.  People are using the time that would otherwise be ‘dead time’ like sitting in a waiting room, waiting in a car or other ‘extra time’ to do productive things like book their next dentist appointment. Your dentist website needs to be ready for new dental patients with a slick mobile experience or you can expect they will find a better experience elsewhere.  (ie – click back to the Google search results and waste valuable AdWords budget!)
If your dentist website doesn’t fit and act correctly on a mobile device,  you have a big problem.    A dentist website that is not mobile friendly is no longer acceptable in 2018.  You need a ‘responsive’ dental website so dental patients don’t need to do any extra scrolling on their device.  (you actually needed a responsive dental website in 2012 but it is not too late!)  Learn more about why we believe mobile matters so much for dentist AdWords campaigns here —- Mobile Matters.

Think of this scenario.  Your dental practice might pay $8.20 for the Google search phrase “dentist near me” and get a click from an interested prospective dental patient.  Now, the patient gets to your website and the site is just too hard to navigate – so they go back to the search results and find another dental office.  (ie – wasted AdWord budget!)  This person may have otherwise been a great dental patient for the next 20 years and brought in some good referrals if only the dentist’s website had been mobile friendly.  This is like a ‘true love story’ that never got to the first date because the car didn’t start.

If the Amazon.com website did not consistently work correctly on a mobile phone, Amazon would be out of business at this point.  Don’t let that happen to your dental practice.

Online Dentist Appointment Scheduling

Some dental practices already allow dental patients to book dentist appointments directly on their cell phone.  Hooray.  That is a true ‘Amazon-Like’ experience.  If your dental practice does not allow for online ‘appointment setting’, your dental office needs to start planning on how to make that happen soon.

Almost-instant Dentist Appointment Scheduling 

Short of being able to offer automated dental appointments, your dental practice should provide and promise ‘almost-instant dentist appointment confirmations’.  Your landing page should have language like “tell us a time that works great for you, we’ll try our hardest to make that time work and let you know within 15 minutes”    Soon, most dental patients will be able to book appointments online instantly, if you don’t provide that experience – you can expect they will go elsewhere. (ie – waste dental AdWords budget!)

Learn From Online Dental Marketing History

Back in the 90s, dentists were told they needed to ‘get a website’ if they wanted their dental practice to be competitive.  Some dentists listened and thrived.  Some dentists stuck their heads in the sand and said their dental practice was different.  Those dental practices paid a pretty price for not paying attention to where the market was going.  Don’t let dental marketing history repeat itself for your practice!

Dentist Practices That Provide An Amazon-Like Experience Will Waste Less Money On Dentist AdWords

Part of the reason Amazon wants to make sure they give customers an awesome online experience is because they spend A LOT of money to find a customer.  In 2014, it was reported Amazon was one of Google AdWords biggest customers spending more than $150 million per year on Google AdWords search advertising.  AMAZON TOPS LIST OF GOOGLE’S 25 BIGGEST SEARCH ADVERTISERS.  Spending that kind money, you can see where Amazon wants to do everything they can to give the customer a great experience and make sure the Google searcher doesn’t click back to other Google search results. (ie – waste AdWords budget!)
Give your prospective dental patients what they want when they click on your Google ads and your dental practice can save money on your dentist AdWords campaigns, find more patients and grow!   Learn more about setting up a dentist AdWords campaign here… Easy & Profitable Dentist AdWords Set Up From A-Z
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