Why ConversionSmiles?

We are obsessed with optimizing Google search results and helping dentists grow their dental practices.  We started optimizing websites in 1999 and were originally certified in AdWords in 2007.  Our most recent Google Ads Certification was received October 2018.

Why is our name ConversionSmiles?   We believe dentists do not (and should not) care about page impressions, page rank, clicks, click thru rate, cost per click or other jargon most dental marketing companies talk about.   We believe many dental marketing companies are focused on too much (website development, SEO, flyers, front desk training etc) and do not really know how to optimize AdWords for dental keywords.

Instead, they talk about everything other than how many new leads are being created to confuse busy dentists.

If you need to figure out if AdWords is working, it is not!

In our world, a new dental patient lead is a “conversion”.  A lead/conversion is a phone call, “form fill” or email.  It is our job to get your dental practice as many qualified conversions as possible every day so you can continue to invest in and grow your dental practice.

Your goal is to give your patients happy, healthy smiles.  Our goal is to make our dental practice clients smile when they see new conversions roll in a day after day after.  That is why we call ourselves ConversionSmiles.

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AdWords for dentists is a constantly changing game.  Google changes the AdWords interface routinely.  Competitor dentists and dental marketing are constantly trying new AdWords techniques.   Prospective dental patients are changing how they search.

More and more dental patients are using mobile to find dentists.  Increasingly, voice is being used to search for dentists with technology like Google assistant, Siri etc.  Dental patients are increasingly expecting to find precisely what they want and intolerant of generic results.

A Google searcher is no longer looking for “yeah, I have a dental practice” they are now looking a result like “Yeah, I am a well reviewed, dentist with a focus of dental implants. You can book an appointment now at this price!”

We help the dental practices we work with stay ahead of the trends and more importantly ahead of their competitors when it comes to Google ads.   We help dentists optimize their Google AdWords account so they get more qualified conversions while paying less to Google and beating their competitors.

We keep it simple.  We don’t overwhelm your dental practice with jargon, snakeoil and stuff you don’t care about.  You pay us a set fee every month and we do our AdWords magic so you can be in the top 1% of AdWords managed accounts.

On a monthly basis, we report exactly how many conversions we delivering to your dental practice.  If at any time, you do not think we are delivering enough conversions or think we delivering too many conversions you can cancel or suspend service.   We work hard to provide so much value that it will be obvious to you that is worthwhile to have ConversionSmiles ‘watch your AdWords back”.