[Dental Patient Marketing just got easier and better than ever with Chatbots. Dental chatbots can anticipate dental patient questions and serve up the correct answers to dental patients through a simple to use chat interface.]

What Is A Dental Chat Bot? 

A dental chat bot is an automated tool that allows your dental patients to chat with your dental practice even when your staff is not available to ‘man’ a traditional web chat.  A Dental chat bot can take place on your dental practice website, on Facebook or even through a link provided by email or other channels.

Why Do Dental Patients Love Chat Bots?

Dental chatbots are a fun and easy way for dental patients to get answers to their questions.  Rather, than navigating through a bunch of pages on your dental website, the dental patient can simply ask a question. The bot will instantly reply with responses that best answer the dental patient questions.

Example:  A dental patient might ask the chatbot if the practice offers dental implants.  The bot can reply back with a quick answer but also provide links to dental implants pages where the patient can find more helpful information.  Even better, the bot can ask the patient questions and work on getting the patient scheduled for an appointment.

How Does A Dental Chat Bot Work Behind The Scenes? 

Although dentist chat bots seem pretty magical while being used by patients, the bots design is actually pretty basic.  Less AI (artificial intelligence) and more “If This, Than That.”

The bot can start with a basic welcome page and then lead the dental patient down particular paths depending on responses from the patient.

The dental office simply needs to figure out what paths make senses for certain types of patients.  Obviously, the path for someone looking for dental implants should be very different than the path for the person looking for emergency dental help.

Why Dentist Chat Bots Are “Safer” Than Live Bots 

Some dentists might be concerned that they don’t have full control over how a bot is communicating with a dental patient.  They believe a chat ‘manned’ by their staff is safer and better for their dental patients.

Here’s the problem with humans.  They are human.

Often times your staff won’t be ready to answer a chat even when your dental practice is open for business.  If the patient has to wait a few minutes for the privilege of having a web chat, they will go elsewhere.

Even when your staff is ready, they will be slow.  A bot will be able to answer questions almost instantly.

Unfortunately, your staff will take too much time figuring out the “right answer” and tracking down the “right links” to send to the patient. This will make for a slow and bad chat experience for your patients and your front desk.

Your chatbot will provide the “perfect answer”.  Your staff might go rogue and answer some questions in a way you don’t like because they are confused or frustrated.  You, the dentist, have control over every word the chatbot utters.

If the bot responds with something that is not perfect, no problem it is only a bot and you can (and should) communicate with patients that they are communicating with a helpful bot.

Dental Chatbots Are Always Available

That’s right chatbots are available 24/7 to answer your dental patients’ questions.  And, you don’t have to pay the bot!

Experience A Dental Chat Bot

Want to try out a dental chat bot?  MobileMonkey has built a Dentist Office Chatbot Template and you can play with it here,  just click on the link labeled Experience The Dentist Office Chatbot on Messenger Now!

Why Are Dental Messenger Bots Better For Dental PPC?

Here’s the problem with many dental PPC strategies. After a prospective dental patient clicks on an ad, they end up on a page that does not engage them or answer their questions and the prospective patient  leaves.

Dental chat bots allow dental practices to engage with patients in a fun way while actually answering their questions.

Even better, chat bots can encourage the dental patient to take the next step (fill out a form, call your dental office) so the click can turn into a conversion.

Once you have the patient’s contact information, your office has the ability to follow up via phone, email, and text.

With Google ads, so many ‘would be’ patients turn into ‘vapor patients’.  With a little help from a chat bot you can prevent that from happening and get more for your Google ads buck.

Dental Bots Are Mobile Friendly

Even mobile-friendly dental websites can be unwieldy on a mobile phone or tablet.

Imagine the Mom who is taking 10 minutes to look for a dentist after the kids have gone to bed and before she starts binging Netflix with her hubby.

She is not interested in paging through your website. She wants quick answers.

The dental chat bot allows her to quickly find the information she needs to learn about dental procedures and schedule a dental appointment.

Dental Patient Marketing Chatbot In Action Video

Here’s an example of what a patient might experience with a chat bot.  Of course, the content would all be customized for your dental practice.

We Recommend MobileMonkey Chatbot For Dental Practices

There are a number of chatbot messenger solutions that might work fine but we recommend MobileMonkey.

We recommend MobileMonkey because it works great and is free to use the basic chat functionality.   There might be other chatbots that also work well but we are very familiar with MobileMonkey and think it should “fit the bill” for most dental offices.

Where Does MobileMonkey Work?

MobileMonkey utilizes Facebook messenger so it can work on your website or directly on your Facebook page.   This means you can convert more traffic that visits your website via SEO & PPC – plus you can better optimize your Facebook page.

MobileMonkey Can Help Improve ROI For Dental Facebook Ads 

The name of the game for successful dental Facebook ads is user engagement.  You can have your bot answer questions and provide valuable information while you are sleeping.  Power up those Facebook ads so you can get better ROI!

Run Interactive Dental Facebook Ads And Respond With Mobile Monkey

Imagine if you could run a Facebook ad that says “We are offering teeth whitenings to the first 15 people who reply with “White50”.  Then imagine your bot could take over and provide details, collect email addresses and maybe even schedule an appointment with something like LocalMed Dental Appointment Scheduling.

Well, you don’t have to imagine!  This is the real world today and if you don’t get started you can expect your competitors will.

Need Help Setting Up Your MobileMonkey Chat Bot? 

Automated bots are the future of dental patient marketing. They take some time to set up but then don’t need much maintenance.  Need help with a dental marketing bot?  We probably can help.  Contact us to learn more.

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