[Believe it or not, some dental practices can suffer if their dental marketing company does too good of a job of finding new dental patients. In this article, we explore why a great dental marketing company can actually hurt your dental practice.]

Dental Marketing Companies Focused On Dental Patient Marketing

Dental marketing companies like ConversionSmiles are getting better and better at finding new dental patients on the internet.  At ConversionSmiles we can finetune dental Google ads and Facebook ads and SEO so there will be a parade of new dental patients at your dental office door every day.

Other dental marketing companies like Firegang can help with a wider range of marketing services like dental SEO, dental website design, Google Maps optimization, dental office front desk training, pay per click and more.

ConversionWhale currently seems to help dental practices with a plethora of dental marketing services including responsive websites, dental pay per click, dental social media marketing, dental practice videos and more.

Other dental patient marketing companies focus almost exclusively on dentist Search Engine Optimization to help dental practices get found in organic results in Google.

Justin Morgan at Dental Marketing Guy is obsessed with helping dentists find new patients with a blend of dental SEO and dental web design.  DDSRank seems to have a strong focus on dental SEO while also helping dental offices with dental pay per click and dental web design.

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All of these dental marketing companies are focused on one thing.  We are all focused on helping dental practices expand their dental practices with great dental patient marketing. We help dental practices find new dental patients – lots of them!

For years, dentists have been burned by working with internet marketing generalists who don’t know a dental implant from a breast implant.  Those web marketing generalists have caused dentists to waste money and get poor results.

This new era of the ‘dental marketing expert’ has changed the game for many dental practices.  If your dental practice works with the right dental patient marketing company, you might actually be overwhelmed by new dental patients.

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Many dentists reading this article are probably laughing at the idea of being overwhelmed by new dental patients. Most dentists are failing at dental marketing and only wish they had a dental marketing machine.  But, you just need to keep in mind your biggest wish can become your biggest nightmare if you are not careful.

Great Dental Marketing  Will Change Your Dental Practice

When great dental marketing works well many dental practices experience the following challenges.

  • Dental office will need to handle lots more new dental patient calls
  • Dental office will need to actively follow up on new patient inquiries.  (form fills, emails and voicemails should all be responded to within 15 minutes to keep the new dental patient happy)
  • Dental office will need to handle more new dental patient questions.  (new patients have a lot more questions about your dental practice, etc)
  • Dental office will need to handle new patient intake. (appointment rescheduling, dental insurance scheduling)
  • Dental office will need to hand more dental procedures
  • Dental office will need to pause dental marketing when your dental practice is too busy.

Dental Patients Expect A Great Experience

Smart dentists know that if they really want to fuel long-term growth they need to provide all dental patients a Five Start dental experience.

Today’s Dental Patients Expect…

  • Easy dental appointment scheduling
  • Fast scheduling.  (if a dental patient needs to wait weeks for help with a dental problem, they will find another dental practice!)
  • Short wait times at your dental office.  (Great dental practices make wait times short)
  • Quality dental procedures
  • Personal, thoughtful attention from your dental staff (everyone from the front office to the dentist needs to treat the individual as if they were the only dental patient that matters!)

The Downside Of Great Dental Patient Marketing 

If your dental practice grows too fast and your dental office is not able to provide a great dental experience, that could mean bad things for your dental practice in the long term.

Dental patients today will likely find your dental practice on the web.  Many dental patients will also not be shy about providing bad reviews about your dental office on the web as well.    Bad dental office reviews on Yelp and Google can be disastrous for a dental practice if you get too many, too often

Why lots of bad reviews should worry a dental practice…

You are not only not delighting your dental patients, you are making some of them mad enough you write a review.  (don’t take every review too seriously but use each dental review as an opportunity to improve the overall dental patient experience.)

Bad dental reviews scare off prospective dental patients.  (This might seem obvious, but just imagine how much the cost would be over 5 years if each month (2) SEO dental patients, (2) PPC dental patients and (2) referral dental patients don’t become new dental patients because they don’t like your reviews on Yelp, Google etc.)

[NOTE:  As I write this, I am sitting in a hotel lobby and a guest is threatening a “nasty TripAdvisor review” because their bathroom sink did not drain quickly enough.  Really! It is getting tough out there.]

Bad Dental Reviews Makes AdWords (Google Ads More Expensive

Great dental marketing companies can get more dental patients to click on your Google ads, fill out your form and call your dental practice.  However, if your Yelp and Google reviews stink the person might never become a dental patient.

That means your dental office paid for the dentist Google ad click but got nothing out of it.  Check out this article to better understand how reviews impact Google Ads / AdWords for Dental Practices.  Better Dentist Reviews Better Dental AdWords

Dental Practices Should Grow Fast, Just Not Too Fast

Of course, all of these challenges are wonderful challenges if you are truly invested in growing your dental practice.

You can train your dental staff.  You can add more employees.  The issues that go along with growing a dental practice are good problems and are solvable problems.

We just recommend that dentist make sure they are ready for growth every step of the way so they can achieve the long-term dental practice growth they really want.

If your dental marketing company is generating too many leads, don’t tell the company to stop but you might want them to slow down.  (digital dental marketing like Facebook and AdWords / Google ads can be paused at any time)

ConversionSmiles “SEO for Dentists”.

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