Should dental practices focus on dental Google Ads or Dental SEO?  Both dental marketing strategies have PROs and CONs.  However, when it comes to which strategy is better our answer is a definite — BOTH!’   In 2019 and beyond, dentists will need to focus on dental SEO and dental PPC.   (especially dental Google ads!)


  • Affordable when Adwords Account is managed correctly
  • Easy to track return on investment when AdWords Account is managed correctly
  • Easier to guarantee first page rankings with Google ads than dental SEO.
  • Easier to rank for more dental keywords than dental SEO.
  • Easier to rank a true dental landing page  that is intended to convert a Google search into a dental patient
  • No need to trick Google to get found. No risk of getting your dental website banned from Google for bad behavior.
  • Don’t need to constantly keep up with the latest Google algorithms
  • You can write solution-oriented dental Google ads that will entice prospective dental patients to click on your Google ad.  (dental SEO does not offer the same  level of control)
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  • Dental ads can be super expensive when dental AdWords campaigns are not managed correctly.
  • Experimentation is limited by budget. $10 ad clicks can add up quickly.
  • Might not be worth advertising with dental keywords that don’t have a clear ROI.
  • Dentist Google advertisements are an ongoing endless expense.
  • Dentists can end up paying for Google ad clicks for irrelevant Google searches.
  • Not everyone clicks on dental Google ads.  So, of course, you want to make sure your dental practice also gets found for organic search in addition to Google ads.


  • Can you say “Free Per Click”?   Prospective dental patients can click on your search results all day and you will never pay more!
  • You can experiment with longtail dental keywords that don’t get many clicks but sometimes convert into new dental patients.  (if two times a year you find a new patient with the dental keyword “help with tooth hurting” — why not optimize for the phrase?
  • Investing in one year of dental SEO, should theoretically help a dental practice find new dental patients for five years plus.
  • Some people never want to click on Google ads. You want those people to also find your local dental practice by finding you with organic search.
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  • If your dental SEO company does black hat SEO your dental website could get banned from Google! (That’s not good – that means your dental practice could essentially disappear from Google. )
  • It is really hard for a dental practice to get found for lots of different dental keywords.  You might do great with dental SEO for 50 dental keywords but still not get found for 150+ more keywords.  Google tends to pigeonhole a dental website.  (For instance, dental website for kids, dental website for Wako, TX, emergency dental website)  With a dental SEO only strategy, you can potentially be limited by the number of dental keywords your dental practice is found for.
  • Some people like to actually click on Google ads because they feel the Google ads are vetted by Google.
  • According to WordStream, 64% of searchers with “commercial intent” click on Google ads.   That means more and more dental patients are going right the Google ads.

“Clicks on paid search listings beat out organic clicks by nearly a 2:1 margin for keywords with high commercial intent in the US. In other words, 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online!”


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