[Dentists who want to win with dental search engine optimization (SEO) need to prove two things 1) they are dentists 2) they are local. A local restaurant list can be great for dental SEO because it can help prove a dental website has local authority.]

Dentists Need To Prove They Are Dentists To Win With Dental SEO 

It might sound silly but the first thing a dental website needs to do is prove the website is a dental practice website.   Here are a few ways the dental practice website can prove it relates to a dental practice.

Dental Keywords In Page Titles  –  Page Titles Matter! For instance, the page title for this post is the “Crazy Easy Thing The Can Really Help Dental SEO!”   You will notice the page title includes the dental SEO because we want this page to be found in Google by people searching for dental SEO Tips.

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Dental Keywords On Main Page – Dental Practices need to make sure their main page includes keywords they want to be found for in Google.  For instance, ConversionSmiles wants to be found for terms like “Dental AdWords”, “Dental Google Ads” so you will find those terms on our main page.

If you want your dental practice to be found for terms like “dental implants”, “teeth whitening” or “emergency dentist” you must include those terms those terms on your main page.

Your main page (home page) is an indication to Google that ‘this website is about this stuff’.  It is like shouting at Google, “Hey Google, this stuff is important to us!”

If Google needs to choose between two dental websites for the search term “dental implants” and one has the search term three times on the main page and one does not – which do you think Google will choose?

All else being equal, Google will choose the dental website that includes the term multiple times.

The Google searcher will also find the page more relevant when they see their keyword query on the page Google serves up to them.  That means the searcher is more likely to stick around and Google will get yet another signal that your dental practice website is relevant for the search term.

Dental Keywords Sprinkled Throughout Dental Website

Another great way a dental website can signal their website is related to a dental practice is to include MANY dentistry related keywords.  Not just obvious dental keywords like “dental implants” but also not so obvious keywords like “teeth replacement”, “missing tooth” and “dentures alternative”.

If Google sees your dental website talks a lot about certain subjects, they will consider you to be an authority on that subject.  Google is smart enough to know many keywords relate to certain subjects.

Don’t just focus on dental keywords that have high search volumes.  Smart dentists will also sprinkle in low volume dental keywords that prove their website is a dental practice website.

Dental Procedures Pages

Want to know what almost every Top 5 Google result dental practice website has in common?  They all have dental procedure pages.  They don’t just put a quick blurb about “teeth whitening” on their main page.  They actually have a page dedicated to “teeth whitening” with details about how they help with teeth whitening.

Google knows what things dental websites have in common.  Dental procedures pages is one of those things.  If you want to prove to Google that your website is a dental practice website, you need to make sure you look like other known dental practice websites.

Links To Dental Associations

Another thing most good dental practice websites do is they link to dental associations.   Linking to your state dental association and the American Dental Association is another easy way to tell Google your website relates to dentistry.

The Bad News.  Proving You Are A Dentist Is Not Good Enough. 

So here’s the problem.  Your dental office can take all the dental SEO advice above and still only be found on Google page 2.

Why? Because most of the other dental offices are probably doing most of the same things above.

Your dental website needs to do prove you have a local dental practice.

Local SEO For Dental Practices Basics

There are many ways a dental practice can prove they are local to a particular area.  Here are a few local dental SEO techniques.

  1. Include town or city name of dental practice in page title of main page.
  2. Include multiple references to town or city on main page. 
  3. Includes at least one reference to dental practice physical address on every page of website
  4. Embed Google Maps on of your dental practice location on main page, contact and other pages
  5. Make sure your GoogleMyBusiness listing is up to date and provides an accurate address.  (link to your GoogleMyBusines listing)
  6. Make sure all online listings (Yelp!, ADA Listing, etc.)  share the exact same address for your business.
  7. Link To Websites That Are Local To Your Dental Practice
  8. Include local versions of important dental keywords.  For instance, if you want to be found for “Phoenix, AZ dental implants”, you should make sure that exact keyword phrase exists multiple times on your website. 
  9. Make sure neighboring town & city names are referenced throughout your website.  Your dental office might be ‘more local’ to a neighboring town than many people the town your practice is actually located.

Crazy Local SEO Trick For Dentists – Create And Manage A List of Local Restaurants

Your dental practice can prove you are a local authority by providing a resource for your local community.

Believe it or not, it can often be difficult to find a complete list of restaurants for a particular town.  For most communities, a complete and simple list will be a great resource and can provide great local SEO benefits.

Here are some of the local SEO benefits of adding a list of local restaurants to your dental website.

  1. The list will likely get clicks for local related searches. (that’s a great indicator your site is relevant to the local area)
  2. The list will likely be shared on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  3. The list will likely be linked to by other local websites.

How To Create Local Restuarant  List

  1. Start a list of by doing a search in Google, Yelp etc.
  2. Don’t editorialize simply include the restaurant location, website, and phone number.
  3. Keep the list simple and visually appealing.
  4. Include a disclaimer that your dental practice is not endorsing a particular website.
  5. Offer to include any restaurants that are new or not listed yet.

Many dentists will dismiss this article and decide they don’t think a restaurant list belongs on the dental website.  We get it. The idea is kind of odd.  But, if it helps you find $100,000 in new dental patients every year, it will be a one million dollar idea over 10 years.  Local SEO works but you have to play the game!

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