[Every successful dental marketing campaign should include call recording & call tracking from CallRail or another call tracking service.  Today, we explore how CallRail call tracking can help dentists improve ROI of dental marketing campaigns]

 What Is CallRail? 

CallRail provides call analytics to more than 100,000 companies (including lots of dental practices) and marketing agencies worldwide. CallRail’s call recording & tracking software helps data-driven marketers and business owners optimize the performance of their online and offline advertising campaigns, increase sales effectiveness (case acceptance), and improve customer (patient) retention.

How Does CallRail Work?

CallRail provides a tracking phone number that forwards to your dental office’s main phone number. Your patients dial the new tracking number, CallRail forwards the call, and your front office answers your main phone as they usually do. CallRail creates statistics that you can check online in real-time.

CallRail doesn’t require special equipment or any special training and it can be paid for on a monthly basis without a large upfront investment.  At the time of this writing, (11/20/18) dental offices can get started with CallRail for as little as $30 per month.

Some CallRail Features

  • Real-Time Call Analytics
  • Call Recording
  • Local & Toll-Free Numbers
  • SMS for Business
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Custom Call Routing
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Keyword Call Tracking
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Email Notifications
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Advanced ReportingAPI & Webhooks

How Does CallRail Help Dentists Manage Their Dental Office?

The best dentists should be spending most of their time helping dental patients in the chair and do not have the time or opportunity to effectively manage the front desk patient experience.

Call Rail helps dentists fully understand call traffic that is occurring while they are helping dental patients.  Dentists can easily see how many calls are coming in, where the calls are coming from, and how long the average call is lasting.  If you are a dentist and you see the average call is 22 seconds you have a problem!

How Does CallRail Improve Dental Patient Experience?

Better Training For Dental Office Front Desks

By listening to dental patient calls, dentists are able to hear real dental patient questions. As the same questions keep coming up the dentist or dental office manager can supply the front desk staff with better answers to those questions.

Often times, there is a genuine disconnect between what staff thinks the dental practice can do and what the dentist is actually able/willing to do.   This disconnect is nobody’s fault but the only way the dentist can fix it is to know the problem actually exist by listening to actual dental patient calls.

Front Desk Staff Accountability 

We are all better versions of ourselves when we are accountable.  Front desk employees are so busy that sometimes they can feel too busy for those super important new dental patient calls.

When your front desk knows you will be listening to patient calls,  they will be more likely to give answers they know you want them to give rather than answers they want to give.

A new dental appointment can feel like a new problem for some folks answering the phone on a busy day.  It is the job of the dentist and dental office manager to help the front desk understand a new dental appointment is a new opportunity.   Call recordings can eliminate unwanted problems like dental patients being “brushed off” when their call or request is inconvenient.

Review Call Recordings

Dentists Should Review Calls Regularly On Their Own 

By reviewing dental patient call recordings, dentists can benefit from new insights on how they can better help new and existing dental patients.  Many patients might be calling asking about dental procedures your practice does not offer or insurance your practice doesn’t work with.

For the front desk employee, those calls are an easy “No!” – for the dentist those calls might offer an opportunity to expand the dental practice.

Dentists Should Review Calls With Staff 

Dentists need to be very careful to not put staff ‘on the spot’ but dentists should occasionally listen to calls in a fun and positive way.  Look for opportunities to give positive feedback for all the stuff your staff is doing right.  Try to take the blame for stuff that isn’t going so right.

Dentists should focus on opportunities for improvement and use the recordings for teaching moments that will help make sure everyone is on the same page.

How Does Call Rail Improve Google Ads And Other Dental Digital Marketing?

Dentists routinely spend $5 -$15 for Google ad clicks that end in phone calls that go to voicemail or get shut down immediately by front desk staff that don’t know better. (or sometimes do!)

CallRail can quickly expose issues with inbound call handling that expose the need for improved training, process, or more manpower.

Or, a dentist might decide Google advertising just can’t be adequately dealt with at their dental practice.  (If so, they can just let those in-market dental patient leads go to their competitor!)

Call Rail can also help dental offices see when peak calling happens so they can staff the phone properly and show when missed calls are occurring.

CallRail Makes Sure Dental Marketing Agencies Are Accountable

Dental marketing agencies love to tell dentists they are making the phone ring.  With CallRail, dentists can get real intelligence about the calls and decide if the calls are worth the high cost of dentist Google ads campaigns.

If dentists find most calls coming from Google ads are nonsense, it might be time to find a new dental marketing agency.

Links To Other Call Monitoring / Call Recording / Call Tracking Services

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