Bing For Dentists

Bing For Dentists? Smart Dentists Must Consider Bing To Find New Dental Patients!


The Bing search engine is much smaller than the Google search engine but Bing still represents a huge number of searches. In fact, Bing has continued to grow as some people want an alternative to Google. The search engine claims it has 136 million unique searchers and 5 billion overall searches monthly.  In fact,  Microsoft which owns the Bing search engine also claims it controls a 33.7% share of the U.S. market and reaches 63 million searchers not reached on Google!  (March 2018)

Dental Advertising on Bing

Microsoft offers a similar service to the Google AdWords pay per click platform. Dentists can jump to the top of the Bing search engine for terms like ‘dental implants’ and ‘dentist near me’ by simply paying for a Bing advertisement. The Bing interface is similar to AdWords and dentists can leverage the keyword research (ad copywriting) they have done for Google AdWords and apply it to Bing. In fact, Bing provides technology to easily import your dental AdWords campaigns directly into Bing.

Why AdWords Managers Don’t Talk About Bing For Dentists

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A typical AdWords manager has a ton of expertise in AdWords but doesn’t have the same confidence in Bing or other paid advertising. To keep it simple, the AdWords manager decides (on behalf of the dentist) that the best use of the dentist’s budget is to focus exclusively on the 70% of searches that are done on Google.  Imagine you are an AdWords manager earning $250-$500 monthly per client, would you prefer to maintain one pay per click system or two?  Unfortunately, most Google AdWords managers pick the option that is best for their own business plan rather than what is best for the dental practice client.

Why Is Bing Cheaper For Dentists?

Both Google AdWords and Bing use an auction system to determine pay per click pricing. Dentists bid for better placement and drive up pricing as they try to outbid other dentists in their area.   Google PPC is widely used by most dentists so prices for most dental ads (dentures, orthodontist etc.)  are sky high.  However, Bing is used by a much smaller percentage of dentists so the search engine is less competitive and dental ads end up costing less.

Dentists Should Fish Where The Big Fish Swim 

Fishing For Dental Patients

If you are looking to find millennials searching for teeth whitening Bing is not going to help you very much.  However, if you are looking for a 55-year-old with insurance who needs multiple dental crowns Bing could be perfect for your dental practice.

Sure, Bing has less search traffic than your dental practice will find with AdWords but you can find some really great traffic in addition to what you are doing with dental AdWords campaigns.  The typical Bing user is older and probably less tech-savvy.  We can’t prove it but we are guessing someone who searches for ‘dental implants’ on Bing is much less likely to scrutinize every Yelp review and call every dentist in town.  If you agree, you should consider using Bing for finding new dental patients.

Bing For Dentists Requires Less Management Than Google AdWords

Dentists are smart to focus on Google PPC to find the majority of new dental patients.  However, dental practices should also make a relatively small investment of time and energy in Bing ads.   If your AdWords management company won’t help you set up your Bing account, you should ask yourself if they are really looking out for your best interests. (ie. finding new dental patients, growing your dental practice)

Signing Up For Bing Ads

We recommend all dentist start building some sort of presence in Bing.  You can start small with basic searches like “dental practice”, “dental implants” and add more dental search terms over time.   Right now, Google is the default search engine for the iPhone and iPad (Google pays Apple billions of dollars for the privilege) but someday Apple could switch to Bing and your dental practice will need to play catch up on Bing.  You can sign up for Bing here

Does your dental practice need help signing up for Bing Ads?  Contact ConversionSmiles here.  

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