(Blog Post Summary – Expensive dental AdWords clicks get wasted when dental patients don’t feel good about your local dentist reviews.)

Dental AdWords Is Not Pay Per Patient

There is a tendency to think ‘pay per click’ is a ‘pay per patient’ equation.  That is definitely not the case.  Google has one job when it comes to search advertising.   Their job, if you pay them handsomely, (and set up your dentist AdWords campaigns correctly)  is to get you clicks and visits to your dental practice website.   After that, it is out of Google’s hands.

After The Google Click 

Once you get the click, your dental practice needs to convince the dental patient that your dental practice is worthy of their business.
Dental Landing Page 
First, you need a clean dental landing page that addresses the problem the dental patient is trying to solve.  Your dental landing page needs to be super relevant or you can expect that the dental patient will ‘click back’ to the Google results within about 4 seconds.  Also, you need a strong ‘call to action’ on the dental landing page to get the dental patient to take action (call your dental practice, fill the form) before they get distracted by a screaming child, a funny YouTube video or inquisitive boss.
Dentist Website 
If a dental patient has just found your dental practice for the first time via a dental Google AdWords campaign, you can expect many of those visitors will want to check out the rest of your website before filling out a form or calling your dental practice.  You want to make sure your dental practice is modern, quick and mobile friendly.   You also want to make sure your website builds trust and shows your dental staff as warm, kind, and giving people.  Some dental stock photos are OK but make sure your website also includes real pictures of your real dental staff and your real dental office. Authenticity goes a long way in building trust.

Invest In A Good Dental Website

Spend the extra money to make sure your dental website is modern, builds trust and is mobile friendly or you will be wasting some of your dental AdWords budget unnecessarily.  Don’t have the money? Consider suspending or limiting your Google AdWords ‘spend’ for a few months until you can make the appropriate changes.  You want AdWords to be a ‘dental patient finding machine’.  If your website is broken, the AdWords machine won’t work nearly as well as it should.
Dentist Front Office 
OK, so Google got you an ad click. Good. Your landing page (and full dental website) got the dental patient to fill out a form or call your dental practice.  Great! You are cooking with gas now.
Dental Front Office
The next part that can sink your dental AdWords campaign is if your front office staff is not up to the challenge of helping new dental patients that find your dental practice via AdWords.  The ‘AdWords dental patient’ is a different animal than the warm referral from a long-term dental patient.  The AdWords patient literally has a list of other dental practices in front of them.  If your front desk doesn’t give the dental patient the ‘warm and fuzzies’ pretty quick, you can assume the person will likely abandon your practice and find a competitor.
AdWords patients expect someone to pick up the phone.  AdWords patients expect email responses with appointment confirmations.  AdWords patients expect kind, friendly staff.
Is your dental practice staff too busy?  If your team doesn’t have time for all of the above, unfortunately, you probably shouldn’t be spending money with Google AdWords – unless you don’t mind wasting a lot of money with AdWords.  (Need help with Dental Office Front Office Training?  We can’t vouch for them but Front Office Rocks looks pretty awesome.)

Wait? What Does This All Have To Do With Better Dental Reviews Improving AdWords? 

Here’s the thing.  You can have the right dentist ad that gets the right clicks.  You can have a good dentist website that helps build trust.  But, if your dental practice is not well reviewed on sites like Yelp and Google, you can expect many dental patients will abandon your dental practice before they ever fill out a form or talk to your front office staff.

Positive Dental Patient Reviews Increase Trust On Your Dental Practice Website

You can embed reviews from 3rd party websites directly on your website or simply cherry-pick positive quotes from dental patient reviews.  The point is you want to build social trust and let the prospective dental patient know that you have an active, thriving dental practice with happy patients.  A lack of positive reviews will lead folks to third-party websites to do their own research where they will now have access to a full list of local dental practices.  Your goal is to keep the prospect on your website and focused on your dental practice.

Some People Will Always Check 3rd Party Dental Reviews Like Yelp 

If the prospective dental patient is under 40, you can expect they will check your dentist reviews before ever filling out a form or calling your office.  Millennials will check 5 reviews and ask 10 friends advice before they purchase a sandwich.  You should definitely expect these younger folks will make sure people are saying good things about your dental practice before granting you access to their chompers.

You Don’t Need Perfect Dentist Reviews 

You are never going to be able to satisfy everyone all the time.   Most people who look at dental practice reviews are savvy enough to understand there will be a few outliers.  You don’t need to perfect.   What people want to see is that most dental patients seem to like your dental practice most of the time.  So, don’t worry too much about the stinky reviews – just get more good reviews so the not great reviews are not as prevalent.

Why Competitor Dental Practices Might  Have More Reviews 

More than likely, the reason the other dental practices in your area get more dental reviews, is because they actually ask for reviews from happy dental patients.  In fact, the reason the other practices get more positive, glowing reviews from dental patients is because they ask for reviews from happy patients.  If you don’t ask for dental practice reviews, you probably won’t get them. Ask and you will get – don’t and you won’t.

How To Get More Dental Practice Reviews

Make sure your dental staff is routinely asking happy patients to review your dental practice.  Every day, patients are thanking your staff and telling them they had a great experience. Make sure your dental staff is thanking them for their kind words and requesting they say the same thing on Yelp, Google or other online review sites.  Your dental staff should directly ask if they can count on the review.  Getting commitment from the patient will make the likelihood of actually getting the review go way up.

Email Happy Dental Patients Asking For Reviews 

Your front office should take note of dental patients who are enthusiastically happy about their dental experience.  Not only should your front office ask for reviews, they should also ask if they can send an email with links to review websites.    Emailing links to dentist review websites does a couple things.  First, it makes it easier for the dental patient to simply click a link and start reviewing your dental practice.  (If they have to figure out where to review your practice they probably will never do it!) Also, when a staff member personally sends a link, it puts a little friendly pressure on the person to actually do the review as a personal favor.

Ask Friends Of Your Dental Practice For Online Reviews

Every dental practice has many patients who are ‘friends of the dental practice’.  These are long-time loyal patients, the family of employees, local businesses etc.  These folks would be happy to give you a positive review.  Don’t be shy.  The competitor dental practice down the street is asking “friends of” to review their dental practice – you should do the same or your dental practice might be left behind.

 Reward Online Reviews 

Give out some sort of token of appreciation to folks nice enough to review your website.  A $5 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card can go a long way to make people feel good and feel appreciated.  Plus, you can expect to get more than $5 of good ‘word of mouth’ and maybe even more reviews as the word gets out.

Positive Dentist Reviews Are Gold 

The point of this whole blog post is that positive dental reviews are priceless.   If you are spending money on dental ppc campaigns, you really need to make sure your reviews are in good shape.   More clicks will turn into more happy patients if you have good reviews.  More happy patients will turn into more positive reviews which will help you find more dental patients.

The Value Of Reviews And New Patients 

Many dental ppc strategies are time consuming and boring.  We get it.  Not fun. But, all of these small strategies can pay off with huge benefits over time.  Think of it this way.  If you can find 2 patients per month who will do positive reviews for your dental practice, will that help your dental practice find more patients?  That’s 24 new positive patient reviews per year?  72 more positive patient reviews in 3 years.  If you can get those reviews to help convert 5 more patients per month and 60 new patients per year, what would that mean for your dental practice?  What’s the lifetime value of a dental patient for your dental practice? What’s the value of 60 new dental patients?

Reviews Will Also Help Your Dental Practice SEO 

You should expect Google is smart enough to see your dental practice is being reviewed positively, negatively or not at all.  You should expect Google will rank your dental website higher in organic results if you have lots of positive reviews.
You should also expect to get more direct traffic as people look for dentists directly at the review websites.
Finally, if someone finds your dental website via SEO, you can expect they will stay longer and be more likely to become a new dental patient if your website includes positive reviews and if your practice is well reviewed on review websites.
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