Dental Adwords Tip #1

Test Mobile Dentist Ads

Every day more and more people are choosing to use their phones rather than their clunky desktops or laptops to find new dentists.  AdWords allows dentists to bid more or less for mobile-based clicks.  It could be every dentist in your area is bidding higher amounts for mobile devices clicks driving up mobile click prices.  In that case, you need to evaluate how much mobile customer conversions are costing your dental practice and determine if the steep cost per click is worth it.

However, your dental practice might be in an area where none of the other dentists are exploiting the mobile opportunity.  In this case, you would be well advised to bid higher for mobile clicks to ensure your dental practice appears at the top of Google for mobile dental related searches.

Mobile bid adjustments can be done at both the campaign and ad group level in AdWords.  Here’s an example from Google about how bid adjustments work.

Bid adjustments are set by percentages. Say you’ve got a campaign that performs well on mobile devices with a max CPC bid of US$1. To show your ad to more customers on mobile devices, you increase your bid by 20% for searches on mobile devices, resulting in a final bid amount of US$1.20. Here’s the math: Starting bid: $1 Mobile adjustment: $1 + ($1 x 20%) = $1.20 Resulting bid for searches on mobile devices: $1.20 In another example, let’s say you have a US$1 bid and would like to decrease it. To adjust it to US$0.80, select Decrease by 20%. Source:

You can learn more about mobile bid adjustments directly Google AdWords here.

As you learn to dominate the mobile opportunity it is critical to give prospective dental patients a great mobile experience.  Your dental website should have a responsive design to ensure your dental landing page looks great and is easy to use.

Dental Adwords Tip #2

Dental Landing Page

AdWords is competitive.  But, AdWords for dentists is ultra competitive.  AdWords clicks are getting more and more expensive for dentists so it is more and more important to turn clicks into conversions when dental patients land on dental landing pages.

If your dental practice does not provide a good landing page experience for prospective dental patients, you can expect they will disappear about 5 seconds after you just paid $5-$15 for them to click on your ad.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your dental landing page according to Google. (learn more from Google AdWords here)

  • Offer relevant, useful and original content
  • Promote transparency and foster trustworthiness on your site
  • Make mobile and computer navigation easy
  • Decrease your landing page loading time
  • Make your site fast

These are all great suggestions but ultimately your dental practice wants to think like your dental patient and make sure your dental landing page presents an offer that causes the dental patient take action.   People are busy and know they have lots of options.  Make it easy to schedule a dentist appointment and remove guesswork or the dental patient will take their business elsewhere.

Dental Adwords Tip #3

Use Ad Extensions 

A top priority for any dental practice should be better placement in the Google search results. The perfect dentist Google ad at the bottom of the first page of Google or the 2nd page of Google is not nearly as powerful as an ad at the top of ‘page one’.

There are three ways dentists can impact the placement (Ad Rank) in Google search results.

The first way dentists can improve Ad Rank.

Dentists can try to buy their way to the top of ‘page one’ but that won’t work for long if the dental ad is not relevant and clickable.

The second way dentists can improve Ad Rank.

Dentists can create great ad copy so their dentist Google ads are compelling and clickable. If Google sees a high “click-through rate”, Google will reward the dentist ad with better placement in the search results. More clicks usually mean better placement. Better placement clicks can mean more clicks!   (just make sure those clicks go to dental landing pages that are relevant and helpful)

The third way dentists can improve Ad Rank.

Dentists can use Google Ad Extensions to improve Ad Rank.  Ad Extensions allow advertisers to increase the size of their Google ad and make it more relevant for potential dental patients.

Call extensions
Encourage patients to call your dental practice by adding a phone number or call button to your ads.

Message extensions
Encourage dental patients to send you text messages from your Google ad. Available globally at the campaign or ad group levels.

Sitelink extensions
Link dental patients directly to specific pages of your dental website (like “hours” and “schedule dentist appointment”).

Callout extensions
Add additional text to your ad, like “free consultation” or “Open Weekends.”

Structured snippet extensions
Showcase information potential dental patients will find most valuable by selecting a predefined header (like dental procedure category) and listing items.

Here’s what Google says about the impact of Ad Extensions on Ad Rank.

When estimating the expected impact of extensions and ad formats, we consider such factors as the relevance, clickthrough rates, and the prominence of the extensions or formats on the search results page. So even if your competition has higher bids than yours, you can still win a higher position at a lower price by using highly relevant keywords and ads.   (learn more about Ad Extensionsions from Google)

Dental Adwords Tip #4

Create More Dental Ads

Google advertisers have spent (wasted) billions of dollars guessing what might relevant to searchers and getting it wrong!   The best way to see what might be a great dentist Google ad is to continuously try new ad copy and see what actually resonates with dental patients.  Do more of what works and less of what does not!

Some things to try…

  • Try a call to action’ with an exclamation point!
  • Try using the searched keyword at least twice.
  • Try using a display URL.
  • If your competitors’ ads all look alike, make your dental ad look completely different.
  • Try different types of Ad Extensions
  • Try Free Offers or Discounts

Dental AdWords Tip #5

Run Ads When Other Dentists Are Not

Many dental AdWords managers recommend dentist practices only advertise during times a dental practice is open.  This results in prime hours being ultra competitive and expensive and off-hours being uncompetitive and much less expensive.

Rather than Dentists stopping AdWords at 5pm every night, they should figure out how they can get their Google ads to convert all the time.  Some dentists have high conversions off-hours by…

  • allowing dental patients to schedule online
  • creating relevant offers that resonate
  • creating fantastic, time-sensitive offers
  • arranging for off-hours calls to be attended to by local staff or third party

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