AdWords Remarketing for Dentists

Multiple Bites At The Apple

2nd bite at the apple adwords remarketingSometimes in life, you need a second chance.  Imagine this silly scenario, a dental patient sees your billboard and walks into your dental office to get more information.  Your front desk employee stutters while answering a couple of questions and the dental patient walks right back out of your dental office and you never see them again.  You don’t know the name of the dental patient or how to reach them.  It’s all over.  Better look next time.

Now, imagine a dental patient clicks on a dentist ad in Google and ends up on a landing page that does not convince her to take action. The good news is  AdWords Remarketing will give your dental practice many more chances to convince the website visitor to take action and contact your dental practice.

Target Interested Dental Patients

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Google AdWords Remarketing allows your dental practice to retarget very specific audiences.   Each visitor will have a cookie added to their browser allowing Google to show your dental ads in the future.  You can retarget visitors who clicked on your Google ad, visitors who found your website via dental SEO efforts or even visitors who came directly to your website.

Stay In Front Of Dental Patients Interested In Your Dental Practice

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Google AdWords Remarketing allows your dental practice to show ads to former website visitors as they browse over 2 million websites.   As your dental ads follow dental patients around the web two positive things happen.  First, you are able to build credibility as dental patients will start to see your ads ‘everywhere’ and start to think your practice is bigger than it probably actually is. Second,  as prospective dental patients continue to see your ads you will improve your brand awareness and make it more likely for them to do business with you when they are ready for a dental procedure.

Improve Overal Results With Fraction Of Budget

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One of the best parts of Google AdWords Remarketing is costs a fraction of typical AdWords dental search clicks.  Dental practices can remarket very aggressively without incurring the high costs normally associated with AdWords.  Essentially, a dentist can rescue a bad first click that was going nowhere and turn it into a profitable click.

Dentists can also retarget existing dental patients and remind them to come back for another dental visit for a dental cleaning, teeth whitenings etc.

As more and more visitors come to your dental website, you will be able to build audiences that you will be able to market to in the future.  Having a down month? Need to schedule more dental appointments?  Moving your dental office to a new location no problem.   No problem. You will be able to advertise to audiences that have been interested in your dental practice in the past.

You can learn more about setting up Google AdWords directly from Google.

AdWords Remarketing Video From Google

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