‘AdWords Call Only Ads’ allow searchers to call businesses directly from their mobile phone. In fact, as indicated in the name “AdWords Call Only Ads” only allow for calls, the user is not able to the click on the website link.

Example of AdWords Call Ad

How to spot an AdWords Call Only Ad?

As seen above, you can spot an AdWords when the Google ad includes a blue telephone symbol to the left of the ad. The ad headline also includes language like Call (555) 555-555.

What Happens When Someone Clicks On A Google Call Only Ad?

When a searcher clicks on a Google Call Only Ad from a mobile phone, the searcher’s phone will activate and the Google advertiser’s phone number will autofill.

Schedule Google AdWords Call Only Ads

Like most Google ads, you are able to schedule AdWords Call Only ads to run only at certain times. If your business is closed at 3:30am, does it make sense that someone can click on your Google ad? Probably not. Maybe, if you have an amazing voicemail with a special promotion, but probably not.

For most businesses, it only makes sense that you only run Call Only Google ads when your business is open and your employees can help customers and prospective customers.

Advertisers are able to create schedules at the ad campaign level by clicking on Ad Schedule on the left sidebar.

Next, create an ad schedule and assign a particular AdWords campaign.

Create A Smart Call To Action In Your Google Ad

Let customers know you will help them and will be able to answer their questions if they call you. Let customers know you welcome their call. Encourage your customers by saying “Call Now!” Don’t make them guess – spell it out by spelling it out with a smart call to action.

Video From Google – How To Create Call-Only Campaigns

What Is Your Call Through Rate?

Not all clicks get calls. Some searchers will click your Google ad and never call when your number appears in their phone dialer. In fact, many people will be surprised when their phone dialer opens and will be disappointed when your website does not.

Unfortunately, your business will pay for the click even if the person never dials your business. Track Call Details by modifying columns in AdWords as seen below.

Start With High Bids

Typically, your best performing Google ads need to show up high in Google results. This is absolutely true with Click To Call Google Ads. Someone clicking on a Click-To-Call Google Ad is more impatient, less web-savvy and less likely to scroll all the way to the bottom of the Google results.

Start with high bids. Figure out which ‘call to actions’ / headlines get clicks that turn into phone calls.

Tell Your Staff You Are Paying For Click To Call Phone Calls

If your staff understands how Google Call Only Ads work, they will be more likely to handle incoming calls correctly. Your staff is very busy and there is a tendency to minimize the importance of incoming.

Staff must understand that callers just clicked on an ad have an expectation they will talk to someone immediately and get some help

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Here’s What Google Says About AdWords Call Only Ads

“Ads created in call-only campaigns are fine-tuned to show only on mobile devices that are capable of making calls. Taps on these ads will only generate calls — they won’t link to a website. These ads are very flexible with how they can appear. To optimize for mobile and enhance performance, your ads may not always show every line of text you enter when setting up your campaign. Likewise, select extensions, which are available for call-only campaigns, may also be hidden in order to make the most of the smaller screen space on mobile devices.” SOURCE GOOGLE – LEARN MORE DIRECTLY FROM GOOGLE

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