Keep Tight Control of Your Dentist AdWords Account

The beautiful thing about the AdWords system is it can be very tightly controlled. There’s a temptation for dental practices to create lots of AdWords campaigns, ad groups, individual ads.  All of that is great and smart in the long term, but initially, we recommend you start with a simple, small dentist AdWords campaign and watch it closely.  The AdWords app is a great way to watch your AdWords campaign quickly and easily.  Dentist AdWords Pro Tip – Google AdWords App

Create  A Small Adwords Campaign

At first, don’t try to solve world problems just try to get found for a general search term like Dentist Plano, TX.  First, create a campaign that is something like “dentist” or “general dentist”.  In the future, we can create more sophisticated campaigns that specifically cover different dental procedures offered by your dental practice. For, now we can create a “general dentist” campaign and a few small AdWords ad groups.

Set Your Dentist AdWords Campaign Budget

Keep in mind, your AdWords budget is always controlled at the Campaign level and is based on monthly spend.  You will need to figure out your AdWords budget based on your local competition.  If there a lot of dentists using AdWords with high bids on Google Ads you will obviously need to spend more.  The good news is Google guarantees they will not go over your monthly budget and you can pause your campaign.

Set A Schedule For Your Dentist AdWords Account

Since you are still in the testing phase and have no idea what you are really doing, you want to make sure you get the best possible clicks that find new dental patients.  At this point, using AdWords during off hours is too dangerous because you don’t have an optimized AdWords account.  During your ‘getting started’ phase, you can plan on paying more per click and getting fewer dental patients than you will in the future.   So, you should schedule ads during prime time early in the afternoon or late in the day during your office hours.  Late in the day can be great because other dental offices might have already have used up their AdWords budgets.

Set  A Location Where You Want To Advertise in AdWords

AdWords allows dentists to target dental patients in particular towns, zip codes and even a radius.  You can (and should) set the locations where your Google ads will show at the campaign level.  You can learn more directly from Google here.  Start small and try to go after the perfect (most likely) dental patient who will turn into long-term customers.

Create A Couple Dentist AdWords Ad Groups

Again, you want to start small.  Create ad groups like “dental office, Plano Tx” and “dentists Plano, Tx”.  Add exact keywords and modified broad match keywords that match each ad group.  For instance, the”dental office, Plano Tx” ad group will have phrases like “dental office, Plano Texas” and “Plano Tx dental office” but will not include “Plano, TX dentists” because that will go in the “dentists Plano, Tx” ad group.  The key here is to only add keywords that closely match the ad group.

Create Great Dentist Google Ads In AdWords

Create an ad that is highly relevant to the search.  If the dental patient is looking for “dental office in Plano Tx”.  Your headline should use the keywords dental, office and Plano.   Relevance will get you more clicks and the AdWords system will reward relevance by giving you a lower price per click.   Use the display URL to pack in more relevant info.  Include an emotion trigger like “You deserve a great smile!”.  Use Google ad extensions to include more info about dental procedures, locations etc.  The key is to use as much Google real estate as possible to get those clicks!

Keep Creating More Great Dentist Google Ads In AdWords

Google AdWords allows you test multiple Google ads.  You will find some Google ads consistently get more clicks.  Figure out small ways to improve the dentist Google ads that are working to make them better and better and better.  Eventually, you want the perfect dentist ad that consistently gets clicks.  You can do it.  You just need to test and see what works.

Figure Out How To Get More Conversions

Its great to get a bunch of clicks and phone calls from interested dental patients.  But, the job does end there.  Next, you need to figure how to convert clicks and phone calls into real paying dental patients.   Figure out ways to encourage dental patients to fill out forms and schedule appointments.  (more on this in future dentist AdWords blog posts!)

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