[9 awesome dental patient marketing ideas that really work.  1) Dental Postcards, 2) Local Outreach 3) Dental SEO, 4) Social Media 5) YouTube  6) Dental Google Ads 7) Facebook Dentist Ads 8) AdWords Remarketing 9) Mobile Website Optimization – Plus Bonus Dental Patient Marketing Ideas]

9 Dental Patient Marketing Ideas That Work In 2018! 

1)  Dental Patient Postcards 

Some old-school dental patient marketing ideas like TV, billboards and yellow page ads are pretty much dead or at least should be.  One old-school idea that still works is dental patient postcards.

Postcards can actually more effective today than ever when combined with digital marketing.  Our advice is you should use postcards to drive prospective dental patients to your dental website.  Use special pricing and scarcity to encourage dental patients to fill out a form so you can actually measue ROI of your dental postcard campaign.

2) Local Outreach 

Dentists need to be known in their local community.

Dentists should sponsor local events and participate in local parades and school events to create a local brand.  Doing so will help online dental advertising work better.

Also, dentists should teach dental hygiene in classes in daycares and elementary schools. A quick 15-minute session could create goodwill in the community and help introduce your dental practice to young families.

3) Dental Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Decide which dental keywords your practice actually wants to find dental patients for.  Does your dental practice specialize?  What type of dental patients are you looking for?  Do you want to attract patients looking for teeth whitening?  Do you specialize in dental implants?

Decide which dental procedures you want to find patients for.  Find keywords that prospective dental patients might search to find help with those dental procedures.  For help with finding dental keywords check out our blog post trending dental keywords 

Create content for your dental website based on important dental keywords.  Create lots of content. Create pages related to dental procedures.  Use the dental keyword phrase multiple times and also use similar phrases.

Creat blog post frequently.  Show Google your dental website is alive and well.  Show Google your dental website is the local authority on everything from emergency dentistry to teeth cleanings.

Learn more about dental SEO by reading our dental SEO blog posts.

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4) Free Social Media (Facebook / Instagram) 

facebook for dentists mobile

For a minute, Facebook was a good marketing channel to find new dental patients for free.  But eventually, people got sick and tired of seeing virtual ads for business instead of fun updates from their friends and family in their news feed.   So, Facebook changed their algorithm and now dental offices cannot reliably find new patients with free Facebook / Instagram social media.

However, social media is still a good way to stay in touch with existing dental patients.  If your dental practice creates engaging Facebook/Instagram posts you can expect the some of your dental patients will see some of your dental patients sometimes.  But. if you got a cheap “like” from someone who doesn’t know your dental practice, don’t expect the person to engage much.  Don’t expect Facebook to show your content to that person much in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can do more with a dental Facebook strategy we recommend you check out  Delivering Wow by Dr. Anissa Holmes.

5) YouTube & Dentist Videos

Although TV ads are pretty much dead.  YouTube is a great place to find new dental patients with video.

Believe it or not, YouTube is still cheap for local businesses like dental practices.   Instead of considering local TV ads, YouTube can be a great place to get in front of perfectly targetted dental patients while creating brand awareness for your dental office.

Don’t think of YouTube as a way to find your ideal dental implants patient.  Instead, think of YouTube as another way get in front of most people in your area to build your brand and dental practice name awareness.

6) Dental Google Ads 

It is very difficult to be found for every important dental keyword with SEO.  Even if a dental SEO expert helps your dental office with getting found for “Dental Implants Toledo” and “Toledo Teeth Whitening”, you will still likely need help to get found for dental search terms like “Toledo Root Canal” and “Emergency Dentist Toledo”.

Think of dental Google ads as a big net that will help your dental practice get found for any relevant dental keywords.   Just be careful to make sure you are mostly only getting ad clicks for relevant dental keywords.

Use negative dental keywords to avoid getting found for “dental school”, “dentist from Christmas movie” and other unwanted, expensive garbage.

7) Facebook Dentist Ads 

If your dental office is willing to run a promotion,  Facebook is a fantastic way to find new dental patients.  With Facebook dental ads, you can target by age, location, and even income and net worth.

That means if you want to target prospective dental patients within 5 miles of your dental office who earn more than $120,00 and are age 50 years old and older you can do so.  Want to find new dental implant patients? You can target your idea patient profile inexpensively with dental Facebook ads.

8) AdWords Remarketing 

remarketing - taget dart

Many dental patients are not ready to schedule a dentist appointment (or even ready to call) when they first start looking for a dentist.  That’s OK you can stay in front of those dental patients even if they never fill out a form or call your dental office.

AdWords remarketing allows you to continue to show Google ads to prospective dental patients as they visit other websites.

We’ve all seen this phenomenon.  You look at a coffee maker at Walmart.com and sure enough, you start seeing ads for that coffee maker wherever you go online.

These AdWords remarketing ads can be a great place to find the prospective dental patient at the right place and at the right time.

Most people are busy and don’t have enough time to get everything done that we should.  But imagine this scenario.

John Smith Googles “tooth loss options”. He finds your dental office website and an offer for a “dental implant consultation”.  He’s interested but decides he wants to do more research or just gets busy with other stuff.

Over the next two weeks, John continues to see Google remarketing ads for your dental office.  He doesn’t pay much attention because he is busy doing other stuff.  But all the while, you are building your brand and credibility with John and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Yup, that’s right you can set up AdWords remarketing so you never pay for ad impressions and you only pay for Google ad clicks.  That means prospective dental patients might see your Google ad thousands of time in a month and you will never pay Google for all of those impressions.

Now, let’s get back to John Smith.  John is bored.  He’s waiting for his car to be fixed.  Surfing around the web on free wifi.  He spots your Google ad again.

He decides he wants to restart his search to fix his teeth.  He clicks on your Google remarketing ad.  He clicks around on your dental website.  He decides he wants to go ahead with the dental implant consultation.  He fills out a form on your dentist website.   He becomes a new dental patient.

WARNING:  It is a good idea to keep your dental remarketing ads vague and not related to specific services so you can stay compliant with HIPAA.  It also might annoy dental patients if you keep reminding them they need dental implants at inopportune moments.

9) Mobile Website Optimization 

If your dental website is not mobile friendly, you might want to just give up on web marketing and just going door to door looking for new dental patients.

Really, mobile ready websites are a must for dental offices these days.  Most people are doing things like looking for a new dentist, new mechanic etc with their mobile device. If your dental website is slow or hard to navigate, you can expect a new dental patient will click away quickly when they get a bad experience.  You’ve probably spent a lot of money and energy on dental patient marketing, don’t blow it by losing visitors with a website that is not mobile friendly.

Visit your dental website with multiple mobile devices and don’t use wifi.  Is it a great experience? Be honest, your dental patients will be honest by clicking away if they don’t like their experience.

Bonus Dental Patient Marketing Idea

Call Only Google Ads

If your dental website does not seem to perform well, we’ve got great news for you.  Google offers Call Only Ads.  That means that instead of clicking on your Google Ad through to your dental website, the Google Ad click will automatically start a phone call from the dental patient’s mobile device.

To learn more about Click To Call Google Ads, check out our post  AdWords Call Only Google Ads  All You Need To Know 

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