Reason #1 Why Dentists Need SEO! Set Your Dental Website Apart

For the most part, all dental websites are the same unless they are different. If you think about it, 90% of dentists are messaging the same way to dental patients.

Most dental websites are promoting the same dental services from root canals to dental crowns to teeth whitening. To Google all of these website look very much the same.

Dental SEO strategies are employed to help drop some serious hints to Google that a particular dental practice website is a trusted, valuable resource that is worth referring to dental patients.

Without Dental SEO, your dental website will look like all the others in your area to Google. Google doesn’t care if you have the best pictures of your team and office. Your prospective dental patients will. But Google doesn’t.

Google cares about the words you emphasize on your website. Google cares about the structure of your website.

A dental SEO expert will help to make sure with the dental keywords in the right places to make sure your dental website is attractive to both Google and dental patients.

Reason #2 Why Dentists Need SEO! Get Found For The Right Dental Keywords

There is a tendency amongst dental practices to assume Google will figure it out. Sorry, that’s wrong. Dead wrong.

Google will not figure out your dental practice does Teeth Whitening if you have only one mention of Teeth Whitening in a long list of dental services. At least, Google won’t assume it is a very important dental keyword term that you should show up on the front page of Google for if it is only listed in one place.

A dental SEO company will help you identify dental keywords that should be a priority for your dental practice. Prioritization of dental keywords should be based on dental procedures you want your practice to get found for along with an analysis of which dental keywords are being searched for in your local area.

Don’t be surprised when your dental practice is not found for specific dental keyword phrases if they do not appear on your dental practice site.

Dental SEO really isn’t magic. Many dentists complain that their website is not found for specific keywords but the truth is many times they barely mention those keywords on their site.

Imagine your site only mentions “Teeth Whitening” in a long list of services. Now imagine five other dental offices in town actually build full “Teeth Whitening” pages with details about why their “Teeth Whitening” is great. If you are the Google robot, which dental website would you choose to show on your main page if you wanted to continue to be the top search engine in the world?

Reason #3 Why Dentists Need SEO! Show Google Signs of Life

One of the best indications Google has that business is declining or no longer in business is when they don’t see any “signs of life.”

Google uses the same algorithms to rank dental websites as they do to rank pizza places, plumbers or software companies. As you can imagine, the internet is littered with hundreds of thousands of websites that completely are defunct. These old websites were never shut down but are no longer relevant to someone searching Google.

Google must protect users from dead websites. Of course, a positive signal to Google that your dental website is healthy is when the see regular updates to the content on your site. These updates can be small or big. To Google changing a couple of words in an update and so is adding a brand new blog post. Both show Google somebody is home. Both show someone is still manning the ship.

Imagine the opposite. Imagine Google see a dental practice website that is not changed for a year or even two or three years. Now imagine Google is deciding to rank that website along with 5 other dental practice websites in the same town that are updated on a weekly basis.

If you are the Google robot, do you think you might prioritize website with more updates? Which one do you think might be a better more relevant resource to the Google searcher?

The job of the Dental SEO expert is to ensure Google continuously sees signs of life so your dental practice website can rise to the top of search rankings and stay there.

Reason #4 Why Dentists Need SEO! Be Clickable In Google Search Results

Dentists need to think about more than how their webpage appears to dental website visitors. If a prospective dental patient never lands on your dental website, it doesn’t really matter what is on there, right?

A major factor for Google deciding to list your dental practice on the front page is how clickable your website listing is to Google searchers.

You probably are reading this article because you might have ask the question “Do dentists need SEO”? When you Googled that question, you saw a bunch of Google listings. Many looked boring and maybe out of date. This one was intriguing because of the headline “6 Killer Reasons Why Dentists Need SEO!”

The headline got your attention and caused you to click. You clicking on the Google listing increases the “Click Through Rate” (CTR) for this page. A higher CTR tells Google that this page was indeed relevant to your search. More relevant than the other options listed on the front page of Google.

One of the jobs of a dental SEO expert is make sure your dental website pages are highly clickable on the Google Search Engine Results Page. (SERP)

Reason #5 Why Dentists Need SEO! Try New Things.

If your dental practice is stuck on page 5 for Root Canals in Houston you shouldn’t assume that Google will just wake up one morning decide you should be on page one.

If your Root Canals page is on page 5 and has been on page 5 for a while, you should expect it will stay there or drop further if you don’t make any changes.

Instead, you need to actively try new things. Add content to your root canal page. Add photos or vide to your root canal page. Add internal links from your other pages on your website to the root canal page. You need to do something or shouldn’t expect you will magically get better results.

You need to help dental patients. You need to run your dental practice. Your dental SEO expert’s job is to worry about these SEO details so you don’t have to.

Reason #6 Why Dentists Need SEO! You Need Links

We don’t recommend dental practices buy “black hat” links that could result in serious penalties from Google. Those links are too dangerous and not that important.

However, with some smart outreach your practice can likely benefit from some “white hat” links that will improve your dental websites authority in Google’s eyes.

You don’t have time or energy for link outreach but your dental SEO expert should.

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