(Blackhat SEO is unethical, Blackhat SEO will not continue to work, Blackhat SEO can ruin your dental practice the day it stops working and blackhat SEO  is not necessary for dentists.)

What Is Blackhat SEO?

Black hat SEO includes a number of controversial Search Engine Optimization methods used to get higher web page search engine rankings. Black Hat SEO is often described as a search engine algorithm gaming technique.
Essentially, Google and the other search engines have rules websites must follow.  If a website follows all the rules they are considered ‘white hat’.  If a website breaks some rules on purpose, they might be considered ‘gray hat’.  If a website flagrantly breaks the rules in order to game the system, the website is considered to be ‘black hat’ and is subject to penalty and removal from the search results.

What are Google’s Rules?  Webmaster Guidelines 

Below are some examples of Black Hat SEO techniques Google dislikes…
Automatically generated content
Participating in link schemes
Creating pages with little or no original content
Cloaking Sneaky redirects Hidden text or links
Doorway pages Scraped content
Participating in affiliate programs without adding sufficient value
Loading pages with irrelevant keywords
Creating pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing or installing viruses, trojans, or other badware Abusing rich snippets markup
Sending automated queries to Google
Bogus Link Building Campaigns (Private Blog Networks – PBNs) 

Why Does Google Hate Black Hat SEO? 

There is one reason why Google earned the right to be the #1 search engine on the planet.  There is one reason Google earns billions of dollars every year.  The reason why Google is so successful is that they consistently deliver relevant, high-quality search results for users.
Blackhat SEO allows a crappy dentist with a crappy dental website to show up on page one of Google results.  That’s great for the crappy dentist but pretty soon searchers will abandon Google if they don’t get the best, most relevant results. Google will not stand for that!

What Is A PBN? (Private Blog Network) 

A common technique to quickly rank dental websites is the use PBNs.  According to Lion Zeal http://lionzeal.com/  (a purveyor of PBNs) “A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a network of authoritative websites used to build links to your money website(s) for the purpose of ranking higher in the Google search engine.
A money website is the website you intend on ranking i.e. the one that actually makes money.”  What the definition fails to mention is that the network of the authoritative sites is filled with bogus information solely for the purpose of gaining authority.  Plus, the authority sites are typically recently expired domains that had ‘authority’ at one time but no longer have real authority.

Example of a PBN for Dentists

A blackhat SEO will find and purchase a number of expired dental practice domains like BobTheDentist.com & DentistCarl.com.  Bob and Carl are now retired and living happily ever after on a beach in Florida.
They don’t care about the domains but the domains still have value because for years (maybe decades) other sites have been linking to their domains and giving them authority.  Google still sees 25 real site linking to BobTheDentist and sees that as a good signal.
The black hat SEO will change up some the content (create bogus content)  on Bob and Carl’s websites and link those websites to a dental practice website they are trying to rank.

Can A PBN Rank A Dentist Temporarily?

For now, PBN links might be able to improve the ranking of a dentist website temporarily.  However, every day Google is getting better and better at sniffing out PBN nonsense. (with artificial intelligence – maybe every minute they are getting better!)  When Google catches on, the dental practice can expect that not only will the technique not work but Google will actually penalize the dental practice website.  So, it is kind of like doing a deal with the devil, short-term gain – long-term hell.

Reason #1 Dentists Should Avoid Blackhat SEO (Don’t Be A Cheater Pants!) 

Some dentists ask themselves, “Who gives Google the right to decide where my dental website should appear in search results?”  The quick answer is 2 billion+ people give Google that right by continuing to chose Google as their default search engine.    Next time you are looking for a roofer do you want to see the crappy roofers who gamed the system or do you want to see Google’s best guess of relevant roofer listings?

Reason #2 Dentists Should Avoid Blackhat SEO (PBN SEO Can Destroy Your Dental Practice) 

Dentists are frustrated. Many dentists are attracted by promises of getting their dental website ranked quickly in search engine results.   Blackhat SEO can work sometimes but it is almost always temporary.
One of the worst-case scenarios can be the dentist who gets an artificial ranking for 6-18 months.  Let’s look at an example.  DentistJohnson.com ranks on page 3 of Google and gets few calls or leads.  The dentist agrees to a blackhat SEO package for $5,000 from the local SEO guy and is delighted because DentistJohnson.com starts to rank on Page 1.
Even better, he starts to find new dental patients – lots of new dental patients.   Now, the dentist wants to expand his dental practice.  He hires more staff, buys more equipment and leases new equipment.  DentistJohnson is big time now and ready to take on the world.
Until one terrible day when Google penalizes his website, his SEO guy stops taking his call and his website is on page 25. Now poor Dr. Johnson has a big dental office, lots of employees and no new dental patients. Beware of the Rank and Ruin strategy!

Reason #3 Dentists Should Avoid Blackhat SEO (Google is wicked smart!) 

There were days that blackhat SEO & PBNs worked really well to rank dental websites.  A local SEO company could point a bunch of links to a dentist website and presto the dental website would zoom up to page 1.
These days PBNs need to be much more complicated and won’t last long.  Google is getting better and better at sniffing out nonsense and will shut down dental websites that do not match the profile of a typical dentist website.
Imagine you are Google for a moment.   You have seen hundreds of thousands of dental websites.  You know what the good dentist websites (that people actually like) look like and you know what the bad ones (that people leave in 3 seconds) look like.   You know a typical great local dentist site might have a few medium power links and some decent content.  Now, you see a dentist website that all of sudden has powerful links and crappy content.
Remember, you are Google – what do you do?  You take a close look at these mysterious power links and eventually figure out they are nonsense websites.  If you think your local SEO company is smarter than Google, you are wrong.

Reason #4 Dentist Should Avoid Blackhat SEO (Blackhat SEO is not necessary) 

Local SEO companies turn to blackhat SEO strategies for one simple reason.  They are lazy.
But, the reality is it should not be that difficult to rank a local dentist.  Many websites are competing against thousands of other websites.  That’s difficult.
However, most dental practices are competing only against a dozen or so dentists. If dentists focus on providing great content and updating their dental website often – they will soon be able to rank their dental website on page 1 of Google.  If the content is valuable to searchers, soon the dentist website will be at the top of page one.
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