Today, we will review 3 dentist ad examples.  Below, we will show each dentist ad and provide a brief commentary to help your dental practice understand why some dentist ads are better than others.

Dentist Ad Example #1 – NYC Dentist

First, we will start by looking at this dentist ad from

The google search we did was “NYC Dentist”.  We love that the dental office uses the keyword “NYC Dentist” in the headline of the Google ad.   As a user scans the search results page, they are more likely to click on an ad that contains their keywords. This makes the ad more relevant and Google loves relevance.

We also love that Park South Dentistry uses the phrase “Schedule An Appt Today!” This is called a Call To Action (CTA).  Dental patients (and people in general) are more likely to click on a Google ad with a CTA than one without a CTA.  Ending the CTA with “Today!” gives the dentist ad some extra urgency and result in more Google ad clicks!

Park South Dentistry also does a good job using sitelink extensions.

At the bottom of the ad,  you will see the following sitelink extensions.

Request An Appointment – Contact Us – Same Day Appointments – Patient Testimonials 

Sitelink extensions are free to add and if clicked on by a user the cost is the same as a click to the Google ad headline.  Sitelinks essentially link the user to a specific page on the dentist practice website that might be most relevant to them.

Sitelinks help give your dentist ad more real estate on the Google search results page.  That’s right you can make your ad bigger and it does not cost any extra money.  Crazy as it might seem – lots of dentists do not take advantage of this powerful feature.   Can you imagine if in the old days the Yellow Pages or Newspapers gave extra space without extra cost??

Dentist Ad Example #2 – Miami Dental Practice

The next dentist ad we look at is for Fontainebleau Dentistry.  We love this dentist ad because it effectively creates interest by highlighting their “New Patient Special!”

The ad also makes it clear the dentist is capable of helping with many common dental procedures including cosmetic, emergency, preventative, crowns, veneers and fillings.

We also wanted to highlight this dental ad example because of the smart use of Google ad location extensions.   Location Extensions are another great way to increase the size of the ad at no extra cost.  (Learn more about Location Extensions and Google Maps for Dentist in our blog post..  Google Maps Advertising Cost (2018)

Location Extensions are also a great way to make the Google ad more relevant to people close to your dental practice location and less relevant to patients farther from your dental practice.

For instance, a prospective dental patient will see Fontainebleau Dentistry is located on Flagler Street.   If that location is too far from them, you don’t want them clicking the Google ad!   It is better that they not click on the ad so your dental practice doesn’t get charged $5-$15.  Also, if they click and immediately click back when they see they don’t like your location, Google will hold that against your dental office and will lower your AdWords Quality Score.

Dentist Ad Example #3 – Dental Crowns, Washington, DC

The next dentist ad is from City Smiles DC.  This dentist advertisement showed for the simple search term “dental crowns” done in the local Washington, DC area.

We really like this ad because a big issue many dental patients might have is how the heck they will pay for a new dental crown.   City Smiles hits this problem head-on with the language “Third Party Financing” right in the ad headline.  This shows they are flexible and helpful when it comes to dental procedure financing.

They are also able to get the keyword “Dental Crowns” right in the dentist ad headline.  This is huge! Google users are sick and tired of clicking on ads that can’t help them with a specific problem.   The dental practice is telegraphing, “Dental Crowns… yup we do that… we can help.”  Generic Google ads should never be used when someone is looking for help with a specific problem.

The dental ad is also great because the practice emphasizes they use “the latest dental technology” and can create a “customized crown”.  You will notice the term “crown” is bolded because it matches the Google users search.  Of course, this make makes the ad more “eye-catching” to the prospective dental patient.

Finally, we like this dentist ad because it emphasizes a “calm and relaxing atmosphere”.  This is really smart to connect with prospective dental patients on an emotional level. Smart dentists understand lots of people are scared to death to go to the dentist.  Helping the patient understand your dental practice is not scary is a good idea!

People buy and click on ads based on emotions.  If your dental practice is not connecting with prospective dental patients on an emotional level in your dentist ads, you are making a mistake.

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