If your dental PPC company says YES too often you might have a problem.

Your dental PPC company is a consultant.  They should know more about Google AdWords and digital marketing than you ever will.  They should challenge the way you think and help you make improvements to optimize your Google AdWords budget and campaign performance.

1) They Should Tell You That Your Yelp Reviews Need Improvement

Your Dental PPC company should tell you if your local reviews stink.  If you have bad Yelp reviews or only a few Yelp reviews, your AdWords manager should tell you.  Although,  reviews are not directly related to AdWords they do impact your ability to convert new leads.  A potential dental patient is likely to search in Google,  find your dental website and then immediately check Yelp.  If they don’t like what they see, you just wasted AdWords budget and lost a new patient.  Some ‘dentist AdWords managers’ look at that as a ‘You problem’.  They figure they got the dental patient to your website and the rest is up to you.  That attitude is a good indication the dental PPC company is more interested in taking your money and less interested in helping you grow your dental practice.

2) They Should Tell You That You Need Better Landing Pages

Your dental PPC company should tell you that if your dentist Google ad brings a visitor directly to your main page, that is a bad idea.   They should tell you bringing prospective dental patients to a page with a quick form, phone number and a call to action is a great idea.   Your dental PPC company should tell you that bringing a prospective dental patient to a page that is relevant to a specific search is a terrific idea.  Example – Plano, TX orthodontist Google ad leads to a Plano, TX orthodontist landing page.   This might be something that is ‘hard to do’ but your dental ppc company should push you to make it happen if they truly want you to grow your dental practice.  Here’s what AdWords Help says about landing pages…  Understanding landing page experience 

3) They Should Tell You If Your Intake Staff Needs Help 

If your intake staff is awful, your dental PPC company should tell you.  If compared to other dentists new phone calls are just not converting to new dental patients at the same rate –  your intake staff might be the problem.  New dental patients mean more work for dental office employees.  Your employees might be subtly telling new dental patients to ‘buzz off’ or at least not working hard to bring them on as a new patient.  This can be a hard conversation to have with a dentist who thinks of their dental staff as family.  However, it is the responsibility of the AdWords management company to shine a light on anything that will save AdWords budget and help bring in new dental patients to grow the practice.

Need help improving Dental Intake Staff Response? See our post Why You Should Talk To Your Staff About Your Dentist AdWords Campaign

In summary, if your dental PPC company is NOT telling you things you don’t want to hear you might want to rethink if you are working with the right company to help grow your dental practice.  However, if your dental AdWords manager is telling you things you don’t want to hear, you might want to thank them.