Dentist AdWords Campaigns Are Complex

There are so many things that a dentist can do to optimize their Google AdWords campaigns.  Unfortunately, there’s probably an equal number of things the same dentist can do to mess up their AdWords campaigns.

Use AdWords To Restrict Locations Your Dentist Ad Is Displayed

There are multiple ways you can manage where your dentist ads show. Should you use AdWords to show your ad in your own town? Absolutely! Should you show your Google ad in the next town over. Probably. Two towns over? Maybe. Across the country? No!

Fortunately, you can use the AdWords interface to restrict where your Google ads are displayed. You are able to target locations at the campaign level as it might make sense to be more liberal with some ads and more conservative with others when it comes to location. Here’s more information about setting up location targeting in AdWords directly from Google.  Target ads to geographic locations

So, How Does This All Relate To The #1 Dentist Adwords Mistake?

Most dentists don’t use ‘location targetting’ effectively and are essentially casting their net in the wrong ponds. While some other dentists often use AdWords to restrict locations too narrowly and end up casting their net in way too small of a pond. Neither scenario can be avoided completely. What can be controlled is… getting the right clicks for your Google ads.

Here’s the big mistake we see most dentists make…. drumroll…

The #1 dentist AdWords mistake is not indicating the town or city where the dental practice is located in the Google ad.  Including location information in an ad is such an easy and smart thing to do.

Including the name of the town/city does a few important things.

  1. Indicating the dental practice location makes your dentist Google ad much more relevant (clickable) when someone from that town is searching for a dentist nearby. 
  2. Showing your dental office location helps Google understand that people looking for dentists in that town are ‘your people’.  Although Google does not specifically disclose that they give preference to location information displayed in ad content,  we think they might or will at some point.   Look at it this way.  If Sally is searching for “local dentist” in Plano TX and she is doing the Google search in Plano TX – do you think Google might be smart enough to understand it is good to give better placement to an ad that specifically says the dental practice is indeed in Plano, TX?  We think so!
  3. Providing your dental practice town/city deters the wrong people/patients who would have clicked and ‘turned tail” once they saw your dental practice was too far of a drive. 

So, be a smart ‘dentist AdWords manager’. Create dentist ads that include the city/town location of your dental practice.

DENTIST ADWORDS PRO TIP – Use location extensions in AdWords to display your dental practice location without losing space in your ad. Location extensions create an extra line in the Google ad reserved just for the location information.  Learn more about AdWords Locations Extensions directly from Google..  Use location extensions

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