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ConversionSmiles focuses on Dentist Google ads management because we believe effective Google Ads management is the most consistent, predictable way for dentists to grow their dental practices. However, we also believe Dental SEO can be an extremely powerful way for dentists to grow their dental practices. For this reason, our blog is loaded with helpful free info related to both dental Google ads and dental SEO.

Our paid service focuses on providing dental practices exceptional results by mastering paid advertising with advanced techniques and technology.

Every single day dentists are finding new dental patients with paid ads using Google Ads. Don’t give up on Google AdWords. Paid ads really do work for dentists when managed correctly. We promise.

Are you frustrated with pay per click marketing? You are not alone.

Most dental practices are crazy frustrated with wasting money on dentist Google ads, Facebook ads, and other paid online marketing.  It’s not your fault. Here are some reasons why your dental practice might be frustrated with Dental AdWords Campaigns…

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Three Reasons Dentists Are Frustrated With Dental Patient Marketing

1) Your dental practice does nothing.
The good news is you don’t waste any money. The bad news is competitor dental offices in your area are finding new dental patients and expanding by finding new patients online.  Your competitors are ‘eating your lunch’ with their dental AdWords campaigns.

2) You try and do Google Ads yourself.
You are super smart. You made it through dental school so you certainly can figure out dentist Google ads right?
You will spend countless hours learning about really fun AdWords stuff like Google Ad Groups, Campaigns, Bidding, Negative Keywords, Ad Scheduling, Landing Pages etc.
Unfortunately, you still don’t spend enough time to ‘get it right’ and spend too much money.  You don’t get enough form fills, phone calls.  You waste money with AdWords. You don’t get enough new dental patients.

3) You rely on a ‘Jack of All Trades’ marketing company.
They are great guys. They know way more about SEO, PPC & web design than you ever would want to know. 

Couple problems. They really don’t know how to help dentists and dental practices find new dental patients.
The ‘Jack of All Trades’ marketing company also doesn’t specialize in paid ad platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook or YouTube. They know enough to be dangerous.

The ‘Jack of All Trades’ marketing company sets up Google ads and campaigns. They get clicks. Lots of clicks.  Lots of bad clicks. Unfortunately, you don’t get enough “form fills” or phone calls to justify the high costs. You don’t get as many new dental patients as you need to expand your dental practice.

“ConversionSmiles was able to help us consistently get more conversions and find new patients. We finally have a Google Ads campaign built right with relevant keywords and ad groups.”

Springfield Smiles Family Dental

At ConversionSmiles, we think you have three good choices if you want to win with paid marketing and consistently find new dental patients with dentist AdWords campaigns, Facebook etc.

Three Ways Dentists Can Win With Paid Dental Marketing

1) Do It Yourself AdWords Management 

The first way you can win with paid marketing.  Learn it. Do it. Improve. Repeat.  If you are willing to invest significant time learning ‘dentist AdWords management’, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. you will get better.

In fact, you will probably be better than the local digital marketing company that does everything from web design to logos to SEO.   You just need to invest the time.  Google Ads expertise takes time – lots of time.

Google Ads is by far the most complicated paid marketing platform. But the good news is if you invest the time you can crack the code to the Google Ads system.

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2) Outsource Dental Ads Management

Outsourcing is second way you can win with dental marketing PPC.  You will let ConversionSmiles set up insanely optimized ‘dental practice AdWords campaigns’ and ‘dental ad groups’.

We will learn everything we can about your dental practice and competing dentists in your area.  We will apply our vast knowledge of dental Google Ads optimization. We will apply everything we know that works for dentists in Google Ads to your AdWords account.

We will figure out what dental keywords you should bid on (dental implants, dentist near me, etc.) and which dental keywords will waste your money. (dental school, dentist salary etc.)

We will write dentist Google ads that outperform competitor dentists to get your dental practice ad clicks that turn into dental patient leads.
We will monitor your ‘Dentist AdWords Account’ and constantly optimize dental keywords, dental ad groups, ad scheduling etc. We will continuously apply new updates as Google is constantly changing and enhancing the Google Ads interface. We will help you find new dental patients and grow your dental practice!

3) Outsource AdWords Management Temporarily Then Do It Yourself

The third way your dental practice can win with dental AdWords campaigns is to use a professional AdWords manager (like ConversionSmiles) to set up your dentist Google ads.  You will engage with and pay ConversionSmiles (or another qualified dental marketing company)  for a few months.

You will let us do the hardest part of AdWords management and build the framework for your Google Ads Campaigns. You will likely figure out how we optimize dentist Google ads.

You will cancel your AdWords management service with ConversionSmiles or another PPC company. You will keep what is working and try to manage your AdWords account yourself.  That’s OK. We are glad if we were able to help your dental practice grow.

A few months of AdWords management service with us will probably help you bring in new dental patients for years to come. But, here’s the thing, we secretly hope you will see so much value with ConversionSmiles that you will actively choose to stay with us month after month, year after year. We will work hard so you will WANT to continue with us.

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How Do We Help Dentists With Google Ads?

“Google Ads for Dentists” Monthly Service

We find lots of profitable dental patients to help you grow your dental practice!  (see how below)

Dental Campaigns Set Up & Maintenance (Campaigns control different, budgets, location Google ads are displayed etc.)

Dental Ad Groups Set Up & Maintenance  (Ad Groups control which Google ads show for particular dental keyword searches. We create dental ad groups that improve ROI)

Dentist Competition Analysis  (We monitor dentist competitors and make sure your dental practice Google ads are outperforming the competition as much as possible within your AdWords Budget.)

Dental Keyword Research (This part of our secret sauce. We know which dental keywords attract clicks. We know which dental keywords convert into new dental patients!)

Negative Dental Keywords  (We make sure your dental PPC account is loaded with ‘negative keywords’ so your dental practice can avoid wasting AdWords budget on unwanted searches like ‘dental school’, ‘dentist salary’, etc.

Dental Ad Copywriting  (More of our secret sauce. We know what know what to write in dentist Google ads to get clicks. We know what language will attract clicks that convert into new dental patients)

AdWords Account Optimization ( We continuously review, test and optimize your dental AdWords account. We do more of what works. We improve what is not working or get rid of it. We constantly try new strategies in order to improve your results. )

AdWords Budget Optimization – We treat each dollar of your AdWords budget as if it were our own money. (If your AdWords campaigns are not profitable you should fire us! We don’t want that to happen.)

Website Optimization For AdWords – We will continuously make recommendations for improvements you should make to your dental website which will improve AdWords clicks, conversions, and budget utilization)

And way more stuff… 

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Other Dental Patient Marketing We Recommend Beyond AdWords PPC

YouTube Marketing for Dentists (Your dental practice can take advantage of YouTube directly through the AdWords interface!)

Bing for Dentists (Fewer people use the Bing search engine but those folks need dentists also! Plus, they are often a bit older with more money to spend on dental procedures.)

Facebook Marketing for Dentists  (Facebook allows dentists to do micro-targeting based on geography.  If it makes sense for your dental practice to advertise in your local paper it makes sense to advertise on Facebook – people in your town are actually looking at Facebook!)

AdWords Remarketing for Dentists (Have you ever been followed around the internet by a website you have visited? Google AdWords can help dental practices stay in front of the right high-value dental patients)

Get AdWords help directly from Google here…


Dental PPC & Dental SEO FAQs

How much does it cost for a dentist to get started with Google Ads?  

The beautiful thing about Google Ads is a dentist can get started advertising for less than $10 per day. (learn more)

What is the average cost per click for a dentist Google ad?

 Costs for dental Google ad clicks vary widely. (learn more)

Why should a dental practice outsource AdWords Management to experts? 

If a dentist has time to monkey around with AdWords, they probably really need help AdWords, dental SEO, Facebook and much more! (learn more)

Which Dentist Search Terms Are People Using?  

A dental practice should use actual dental search terms being used by Google searchers.  Don’t guess. Use actual dentist search terms! (learn more)

Should my dental practice choose dental Google ads or dental SEO? 

Both dental marketing strategies have PROs and CONs.  However, when it comes to which strategy is better our answer is a definite — BOTH!’ (learn more)

Where can I find a Dental SEO company list?

For your convenience, we have created a dental SEO company list and dental SEO cheat sheet you can find here.

ConversionSmiles is proud to be one of the best dentist AdWords management companies in the United States.