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Great dental SEO marketing techniques can be the difference between a growing and a failing dental practice.  This website is dedicated to sharing dental marketing best practices to help dental practices get found more often in search engines like Google & Bing. Now, you too, can be a dental SEO expert!

    Our Focus

    This website has been developed by dental SEO experts to help dentists with everything related to dental marketing.  However, our primary is Dental SEO and Dental Google Ads. 

    Dental Marketing

    We have developed a dental marketing playbook to help dentists grow their practices.

    Dental Search Engine Optimization

    Our Dental SEO eBook is a guide to essentially everything you need to know to improve SEO and grow your practice.

    Dentist Google Ads

    Our Definitive Guide to Google Ads is step by step resource for everything you need to know about Google Ads for dentist.

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    Local Dental SEO Best Practices


    Page Titles – Make sure every page title includes SEO keywords you want to be found for.


    Keywords – Make sure you have a page focused on every keyword phrase you want to get found for and repeat the phrase multiple times to improve dentist SEO.


    Local SEO – Improve local dental SEO by making sure an embedded map appears on primary pages.


    Video – Keep dental patients on pages longer by including videos that help dental patients. Longer page visits help search engine optimization.


    Links – External links and internal links help to improve dental search engine optimization by telling Google why a page is important.


    What is Dental SEO?

    Dental SEO is the art and science of optimizing dental websites to make sure those websites are found for relevant dental-related search engine queries by dental patients.


    Good dental SEO ensures a dental practice is found on the first page of organic search results for important keywords that convert into dental patients like ‘Dental Implants’, ‘Dentist Near Me’, ‘Teeth Whitening Acron’, etc.

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    Dental SEO FAQs

    What search terms are dental patients using?

    A dental practice should use actual dental search terms being used by Google searchers.  Don’t guess. Use actual dentist search terms! (learn more)

    Should my dental practice choose dental Google ads or dental SEO?

    Both dental marketing strategies have PROs and CONs.  However, when it comes to which strategy is better our answer is a definite — BOTH!’ (learn more)

    Where can I find a Dental SEO company list?

    You can check a list of dentist SEO companies here..

    How does on-page SEO impact dental SEO?

    If you are trying to rank for certain keywords, all of those keywords must appear on the page you are trying to rank.  Google is not a mind-reader.  If you want to rank for “Best Root Canal Dentist Tampa Florida”, it is always best practice to have all of the words on the page including ‘best’. Don’t let Google figure it out. Tell them. 

    Do embedded maps impact Dental SEO?

    Yes.  Pretty much every dental SEO expert will tell you the same thing.  An embedded Google Business Profile map is a great signal to Google and other search engines that your dental practice is located in a specific area. 

    ConversionSmiles has been helping dental practices with Dental SEO and Dental Google Ads since 2017.