Dental SEO Marketing & Dental Google Ads Marketing

ConversionSmiles focuses on helping dentists get found in Google and other search engines. We are obsessed with Dental SEO.

What is Dental SEO?

Dental SEO is the art and science of optimizing dental websites to make sure those websites are found for relevant dental related queries by dental patients.

Good dental SEO ensures a dental practice is found on the first page of organic search results for important keywords that convert into dental patients like ‘Dental Implants’, ‘Dentist Near Me’, ‘Teeth Whitening Acron’, etc.

Every single day dentists are finding new dental patients because of Dental SEO. Don’t give up on dental search engine optimization.

If you think your only option is the map pack or Google ads, you are wrong.

Some simple tweaks to your dental website can dramatically increase your website traffic and help your practice add more dental patients on a monthly basis.

Most dental practices are crazy frustrated with wasting money on dentist Google ads and so-called dental search engine experts…

Three Reasons Dentists Are Frustrated With Dental Patient Marketing

1) Your dental practice does nothing.

The good news is you don’t waste any money. The bad news is competitor dental offices in your area are finding new dental patients and expanding by finding new patients online. 

Your competitors are ‘eating your lunch’ because they optimized their dental SEO.

2) You try and do dental SEO yourself.

You are super smart. You made it through dental school so you certainly can figure out dental SEO right?

You will spend countless hours learning about really fun dental SEO stuff like on-page optimization, content creation, link building etc.

Unfortunately, you still don’t spend enough time to ‘get it right’ and new patients just aren’t finding your dental website.  You don’t get enough form fills, phone calls. 

3) You rely on a ‘Jack of All Trades’ marketing company.

They are great guys. They know way more about SEO, PPC & web design than you ever would want to know. 

Couple problems. They really don’t know how to help dental practices find new dental patients.

The ‘Jack of All Trades’ marketing company also doesn’t specialize in dental SEO. They don’t the difference between ‘dental implants’ and a ‘dental crown’. They know enough to be dangerous.

The ‘Jack of All Trades’ marketing company does the same SEO work on your website that they did for the plumber and electrician down the street.

Unfortunately, you don’t get enough “form fills” or phone calls to justify the high costs. You don’t get as many new dental patients as you really need to expand your dental practice.

ConversionSmiles was able to help us consistently get more conversions and find new patients.”

Springfield Smiles Family Dental

At ConversionSmiles, we think you have three good choices if you want to win with dental search engine optimization.

Three Ways Dentists Can Win With Dentist SEO

1) Do It Yourself Dentist SEO

The first way you can win with dentist SEO.  Learn it. Do it. Improve. Repeat.  If you are willing to invest significant time learning ‘dentist SEO’ you will get better.

In fact, you will probably be better than the local digital marketing company that does everything from web design to logos to SEO to paid ads.   You just need to invest the time.  Dentist SEO expertise takes time – lots of time.

Dentist SEO is fairly complex and you will find the process is slow. But the good news is if you invest the time you can crack the code and make dental SEO work to your advantage.

2) Outsource Dentist Search Engine Optimization

Outsourcing is the second way you can win with dentist SEO.  You can let a company like ConversionSmiles help you optimize your dentist website.

We will learn everything we can about your dental practice and competing dentists in your area.  We will apply our vast knowledge of dental SEO.

We will figure out what dental keywords need to be optimized and help you figure out what pages need to be built and optimized.

We will continuously apply new updates as Google is constantly changing and enhancing the Google search engine. We will help you find new dental patients and grow your dental practice!

3) Outsource Dentist SEO Temporarily Then Do It Yourself

The third way your dental practice can win with dental SEO is to use a professional dentist SEO company (like ConversionSmiles) to optimize your dental practice website.  You will engage with and pay ConversionSmiles (or another qualified dental marketing company)  for one year.

You will let us do the hardest part of dentist SEO. Site structure, content creation, on-page SEO, etc.

You will cancel your dental SEO service with ConversionSmiles or another dental SEO company. You will keep what is working and try to manage your dental practice SEO yourself.  That’s OK. We are glad if we were able to help your dental practice grow.

A few months of dental SEO service with us will probably help you bring in new dental patients for years to come. But, here’s the thing, we secretly hope you will see so much value with ConversionSmiles that you will actively choose to stay with us month after month, year after year. We will work hard so you will WANT to continue with us.


Other Dental Patient Marketing We Recommend Beyond Dental SEO

YouTube Marketing for Dentists (Your dental practice can take advantage of YouTube directly through the AdWords interface!)

Bing for Dentists (Fewer people use the Bing search engine but those folks need dentists also! Plus, they are often a bit older with more money to spend on dental procedures.)

Facebook Marketing for Dentists  (Facebook allows dentists to do micro-targeting based on geography.  If it makes sense for your dental practice to advertise in your local paper it makes sense to advertise on Facebook – people in your town are actually looking at Facebook!)

AdWords Remarketing for Dentists (Have you ever been followed around the internet by a website you have visited? Google AdWords can help dental practices stay in front of the right high-value dental patients)


Dental SEO FAQs

What search terms are dental patients using?

A dental practice should use actual dental search terms being used by Google searchers.  Don’t guess. Use actual dentist search terms! (learn more)

Should my dental practice choose dental Google ads or dental SEO?

Both dental marketing strategies have PROs and CONs.  However, when it comes to which strategy is better our answer is a definite — BOTH!’ (learn more)

Where can I find a Dental SEO company list?

You can check a list of dentist SEO companies here.

ConversionSmiles has been helping dental practices with Dental SEO and Dental Google Ads since 2017.


ConversionSmiles focuses on helping dentists get found in Google and other search engines. We are obsessed with Dental SEO.